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“Cleaning” up a 176-Year-Old Home in Mount Vernon, OH

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Five years ago, a couple moved into a farm house in Mount Vernon, OH, which was built in 1840. It was a beautiful two-story home surrounded by corn fields. The basement, however, was a different story. The homeowners often avoided this part of their home because it was very damp and full of cracking stone walls. Worst of all — RIBBIT — frogs were drawn to this moist environment.

The homeowners saw a TV commercial for Ohio Basement Authority and thought we could help, so they gave us a call.

One of our certified inspectors took a look around and suggested several waterproofing methods including: CrawlSeal Liner, SafeDri Prox, and BasementGutter. He also recommended replacing the downspout pipe and attaching a YardWell Outlet to give all that water a place to go.


The homeowners, excited at the prospect of having a functional basement, agreed to have all of the inspector’s suggested implemented.

The installation crew, led by foreman Manuel Inguil, first installed the SafeDri ProX sump pump. This is a cast-iron pump that can pump 2,200 gallons of water per house from the basement. It includes an alarm as a precaution to warn the homeowners if water ever exceeds the line when the pump should have turned on (e.g. power outage).

Subsequently, they connected the new polyethylene discharge line to the sump pump system to allow water to be released far away from the home. At the end of this buried pipe, they affixed a YardWell Outlet which allows the water to reach the surface, while camouflaging the end of the pipe and removing tripping or lawnmower hazards.

Then, they appended CrawlSeal Liner in the entire crawl space and along the walls in the basement area. CrawlSeal is a durable plastic liner which keeps out moisture, mold, insects, and dirt. As the name suggests, the stark white color of the liner reflects light to brighten the space and gives it a “clean” look.

Lastly, they installed the BasementGutter System. This is a sub-floor drainage system which, unlike pipe and gravel systems, does not clog with soil from under the floor because the pipe sits directly on the concrete footer instead of in the soil like the others. It has holes on either side to collect water from the ground, and a flange with plays an integral part in gathering water which may trickle down the walls.

The homeowners are very happy with the results and can now use their dry, healthy basement for storage. Most importantly, there are no more frogs in their home!

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Foreman: Manuel Inguil

Products Installed/Project Scope: CrawlSeal Liner, YardWell Outlet, SafeDri Prox, BasementGutter

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