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6 Effective Ways of Preparing for Snowmelts

Take active steps to prepare your basement and foundation for melt-offs in early spring. Get professional help as well so you can avert water damage and other problems.

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Whether you’re someone who revels at winter’s end or not, winter will eventually end, and snow will start to melt. The melting snow can set the stage for water damage and other problems similar to those occasioned by heavy downpours. So, don’t let your guard down. 

Some of the preventive measures are as easy as cleaning the gutters. Others require the input of a professional basement waterproofing contractor in Columbus, OH. Whether you perform a DIY or get expert help, your basement is going to be better protected and ready for the weather changes. 

melting snow and your home

Dangers of Melting Snow 

When the ice on the roof and snow on the yard starts to melt, the soil around your home will get soggy. You might experience water problems if the gutters and downspouts are broken or clogged. With nowhere to go, the water will flow from the sides of the gutter right into your foundation. Most of it will end up in your basement if the drainage is poor. 

Melt-offs pose the same risks as heavy downpours. Snowmelt can weaken the foundation, damage the basement, and encourage mold growth. Doors and window frames will start sticking due to settlement and electrical systems may fail. You need to take steps now to mitigate these risks. Otherwise, you’ll be staring at a huge repair bill. 

Maintain Downspouts and Gutters 

Before spring arrives and melting snow threatens your home, you need to check the condition of the guttering system. Make sure the gutters and downspouts are clean and clear. Falling leaves, dirt, and debris might clog them. Follow the water’s path and ensure it is being channeled safely away from your home’s foundation. Do a thorough check between March and April as windy weather and the weight of snow might have caused some damage. 

Re-grade Your Yard 

Your yard should slope away from your home; otherwise, melt-off will trickle toward the foundation and possibly seep in through cracks. If water is pooling around the yard, that’s an indication of a grading issue that needs urgent attention. Your yard should have a positive grade, meaning it slopes away from the home’s perimeter. 

Inspect and Seal Foundation Cracks 

Tiny cracks in your foundation may not seem an issue until they start letting water in. Melting snow will release water, which will find its way into your basement through cracks. As the soil gets saturated, it will develop hydrostatic pressure. This type of pressure can widen cracks and worsen the water problem. Ask your local foundation repair contractor to seal the cracks and repair the significant ones with foundation repair solutions if needed. 

Service the Sump Pump 

Having this device can mean the difference between a dry basement and a soggy one in early spring. The sump pump will eject any water that gets into the basement before it damages your floor and belongings. It’s best to have a backup power source because power can go off because of flooding. Regular checkups and testing ensure your sump pump remains functional. 

Clear Snow Heap 

Remove the pile of snow that falls close to your home’s perimeter. The closest snow should fall is a few feet all around your house. Don’t forget the snow on the roof too, as it can obstruct water flow and cause pooling. 

Waterproof the Basement 

Your basement’s health depends on the waterproofing measures you put in place. As well as installing a new sump pump, pair it with an interior drainage system. Both systems will help you remove water that gets into the basement before it causes any serious damage. Remember to reseal basement windows and cover the egress with windows well covers. 

Get Professional Help 

The best people to protect your basement and foundation from melt-off are the experts at Ohio Basement Authority. We are a professional waterproofing contractor that gets the job done right the first time by installing industry-leading solutions for a clean, dry, and comfortable basement. Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection and get a free quote today.

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