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OBA Case Studies: Updated Exterior Drainage Will Help Keep a Home Dry in Dublin, OH

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Homeowners in Dublin, OH, have lived in their house for several years. Recently, however, they began to notice issues with some of the drainage lines outside the house. The downspouts on one side of the house were overflowing. A section of these lines also was connected to the sump pump discharge line, and a hole near the underground connection filled with water whenever the sump pump would run.

The owners didn’t want to have to worry about this water seeping into their home to create additional problems, and they were motivated to address this problem right away. They started doing some online research and then came across information about Ohio Basement Authority. They were eager to contact us to learn more about how we could help them.

The owners met with one of our inspectors who assessed the condition of the exterior drainage system. Our inspector then recommended upgrading the exterior drainage system.


Foreman Martimiano Alonso and his crew then completed this upgrade project by installing 4” polyurethane pipe. This type of durable pipe will not split, break or crack, and it is more impact resistant. These lines were placed in the ground for safety and aesthetic purposes, and they were directed to drain to the curb at the street in front of the home.

FreezeGuard also was attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line. This special attachment allows water to continue to escape from the line even if the line freezes or becomes blocked for any reason, thus preventing a basement flooding issue.

The owners are glad these upgrades were completed to help keep their home dry.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Foreman: Martimiano Alonso

Products Installed: Downspout Conductor Lines, FreezeGuard

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