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How to Handle Water in The Basement

Did a summer storm leave water standing in your basement? Here's how you can clear that water away and prevent similar damage from appearing again.

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The hot months of summer are perfect for swimming, vacationing, and lowering your stress levels. That doesn’t mean that trouble can’t crop up around your home as the temperatures rise. In Columbus, OH, you have to contend with humidity just as you settle in to enjoy the warmer days. That humidity can bring about substantial thunderstorms, which can cause problems for a home that’s not prepared to deal with a sudden rise in groundwater levels. 

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Dealing with Summer Rains 

Columbus, OH, may not have to endure the same kind of lake effect conditions that its northern sister cities do, but that doesn’t mean summer weather in the area can’t cause problems for the average homeowner. As the humidity rises in the area, you can find yourself just as easily contending with pleasant days as you can with week-long thunderstorms. 

That kind of over-exposure to rainwater can cause significant problems for your basement. As water builds up around your foundation and basement, it can expose the materials making up those structures to excessive hydrostatic pressure. That pressure, in turn, can cause your structural supports to expand and contract on a molecular level, eventually generating so much stress as to cause cracks and other types of damage throughout your home. 

The most common types of damage to develop as a result of heavy summer rains include:  

  • Cracked chimneys 
  • Water damaged belongings 
  • Gaps between your landscaping and your home 
  • Cracks in your walls and near your windowsills 
  • Sticking doors and warped door frames 

Symptoms of Summer Water Damage 

It’s never fun to go downstairs and find water in your basement. That said, basement leaks and cracks do you at least one favor. These conditions generate a number of symptoms you can keep an eye out for. As such, you can respond to them more quickly than you would were those other symptoms not present. 

Some of the most common signs of water damage in your basement can include:  

  • Sticking doors 
  • Fogging windows 
  • Unpleasant smells 
  • Dampness throughout your home 
  • Damage present in any belongings you stored in your basement 
  • Standing water 

As a contractor can tell you, these signs aren’t always indicative of damage done to your basement. Sometimes, damage that starts in your basement can move down into your foundation, or it can be a symptom of a larger problem. With that in mind, don’t panic at the first sight of water in your home. Instead, consider reaching out to the professionals in your area. Together, you can inspect your home and determine what kind of problem you may be dealing with. 

How to Protect Your Home from Summer Water Damage 

The last thing you want to do if you suspect that summer weather has caused a leak in your home is to try and fix the problem on your own time. While DIY solutions can serve you well in other areas, you often risk making a problem worse if you try to patch your basement up on your own. 

Instead, the best thing you can do to save money, time, and stress after a leak develops is to reach out to the professional basement waterproofing team in your area. 

Waterproofing Your Basement 

One of the best ways to keep water out of your home year-round is to invest in home waterproofing measures before the damage sinks in. You can speak with the professional contractors in your area to determine which of these measures may best suit your home, depending on the risks it may face. 

Some of the most effective waterproofing measures to invest in can include:  

  • Interior drains 
  • Sump pumps 
  • Dehumidifiers 
  • Vapor barriers  

Note that you can use these waterproofing measures in tandem with one another for more comprehensive coverage. 

If you want to discuss waterproofing measures with the contractors in your area, or you want to have your home inspected for damage, there’s no need to wait. The foundation and basement repair professionals working out of the Columbus, OH, area can help you lower the moisture levels in your home and protect its overall value. After a comprehensive home inspection from Ohio Basement Authority, you can look over a free, professional quote to determine what services best fit your needs and budget.

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