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Let the FreezeGuard Guard Your Home…At Least Your Exterior Waterproofing System

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Whether you use your basement simply as storage, a laundry area, or a cozy gathering place, you need to make sure it’s always going to be dry.

Imagine you finally address a constant leaking issue, then you notice water spewing back into your basement, something you wanted to avoid.

Rest assured that when you work with Ohio Basement Authority, we will deliver the best service and permanent, reliable solutions to give you peace of mind.

When waterproofing a basement, we install BasementGutter in the sub-floor to intercept seeping water. This water is then directed to drain into one of our many reliable sump pump systems. The sump pump’s job is to make sure this leaking water is pumped out of your basement and safely away from your home.

This latter function relies on discharge lines, both inside and outside the house. One problem homeowners run into, mostly during the cold winter months, is frozen discharge pipes. Lines like the ones below are corroded and failing, and can easily clog or back up. The draining water can easily drip down the side of the house and seep through the walls, or back up into the basement and cause flooding and other damage.

We can help combat flooding from frozen or blocked discharge lines by installing the FreezeGuard. This small but mighty attachment will save you headaches and allow your waterproofing system to keep doing its job no matter what temperature it is.

We simply attach the FreezeGuard to a portion of the exterior discharge line just outside the home before we place the rest of the line in the ground. The FreezeGuard has perforations all around it to allow draining water to escape from the line even if it is frozen or blocked. During normal temperatures, the water will flow along its normal route through the line.

Are you ready for a dry basement? Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and estimate with one of our inspectors. And be sure to talk to your inspector about the FreezeGuard attachment so your home will be protected inside and out.

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