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Our Solution to Fix Slimy, Orange Basement Flooding

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BasementGutter is a piping system specially engineered to solve basement water problems without worry of clogging with soil below the floor, as most other pipes do. But, what happens when your basement isn’t flooding with plain water? If you’ve ever experienced thick, smelly, orange slime in your basement, you may feel like no waterproofing system could fix your problem.

This slime is called iron ochre and it is created as a waste byproduct of iron bacteria. It is typically rust-colored, but it can also be yellow, brown or gray. It also can leave an oil-like, iridescent glint on water. Iron bacteria subsists by oxidizing minerals dissolved in water, usually those containing iron, but they occasionally turn to manganese as well.

This substance can not only clog drains and pipes, but it can corrode them and cause pieces to break off as well. These pieces, as well as the sludge, can cause serious clogs. The material also is not easily flushed out of a pipe or drain. It must be scoped out.

Iron ochre also stains anything it comes in contact with including concrete, sinks and bathtubs. When iron ochre is present in the water used to wash laundry, it also can stain and ruin any clothing washed in it. These stains often are impossible to remove, especially in the porous texture of concrete walls and floors.

There is a version of BasementGutter that is specifically designed to tackle basements suffering from the intrusion of iron ochre! This product differs from the original BasementGutter System because of its large holes and passage which further prevent clogs. Most importantly, it has a removable lid that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The BasementGutter IOS Iron Ochre Perimeter Drain System is designed for these gooey iron buildups.

This drain leads to a sump pump which pumps the water and iron ochre out of your home. There’s no need to worry about our sump pumps either. Our systems are able to pump out ½” solids without clogging.

We are usually able to install BasementGutter IOS in one to two days, so it is a quick fix for all of your problems!

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