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Protect Your Home From Summertime Flooding

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Mother Nature has opened up the skies and unleashed several inches of rain recently throughout central Ohio. Many local counties have been under flood advisories for days, roads have closed due to high water, and homes have filled with water during these periods of heavy rain.

If you’re not prepared, your basement could be in danger of flooding, and your belongings could be damaged.

The Weather Impacts Your Home’s Health

When the snow began to melt and rain began to fall in the early springtime months, many customers contacted Ohio Basement Authority seeking permanent waterproofing solutions. We’re seeing more customers reaching out to us as rain continues to fall throughout the area, and our certified inspectors are eager to help you create a healthier home!

Here are some important tips to keep in mind during the summer, as well as year-round:

  • Install a reliable waterproofing system and sump pump
  • Check and maintain your sump pump
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clear of debris
  • Contact Ohio Basement Authority for your basement waterproofing needs

Ohio Basement Authority Offers Nothing but the Best

It’s also important to have a working sump pump to pump water out of and away from your basement. If you currently have a sump pump, it needs to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure its functionality. Older pumps can corrode and become damaged over time. Ohio Basement Authority often replaces older sump pumps with the reliable SafeDri Triple sump pump. This sump pump is equipped with three powerful pumps inside its liner. It also features a back-up battery, which ensures the pump will continue to rid your basement of water even if the electricity goes out.

Grove City, OH, contacted Ohio Basement Authority because they experienced several instances of flooding, and they wanted to correct their wet basement problems once and for all. One of our expert crews replaced the older sump pumps with a SafeDri Triple, and installed BasementGutter, FreezeGuard and new downspout conductor lines.

We Also Have Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

Just as it is important to clear your gutters in the fall to keep them free of leaves and debris, you should keep this in mind year-round so they won’t overflow and cause flooding issues. Similarly, it is important to have working downspout conductor lines. Ohio Basement Authority can install these lines consisting of durable plastic pipe, and bury them underground.

With most downspout conductor line projects we install, our crews will lead the pipes out to drain water at street level. In other cases, the pipe is led as far away from the home as possible, and a YardWell outlet is placed at the end to safely camouflage the line. FreezeGuards is another exterior installation that is attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line to allow water to escape from the line even if it becomes blocked or freezes in the winter.

Along with installing interior waterproofing solutions, one of our expert crews recently installed several feet of buried downspout conductor lines for homeowners in Pataskala, OH. Two FreezeGuards were installed outside, as well as two YardWell outlets that empty out at a creek on the property.

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