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Six Things to Do With Your Finished and Waterproofed Basement

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Home Office

1. Home Office: A waterproofed, finished space also would be ideal for a home office! No one wants to sit in a moldy, damp space and get work done.

Recreation Room

2. Recreation Room: Turn your finished and waterproofed basement into a classy recreation room! You wouldn’t want water leakage to ruin these beautiful wood floors or leather furniture, and there would be no need to worry with our permanent waterproofing solutions.

Home Theater

3. Movie Theater: Turn your basement into a movie theater and be the go-to home for entertainment. Don’t let water damage ruin these bright red walls or the electricity fueling your big screen. 

Vintage Diner

4. Vintage Diner: Turn your finished basement into a vintage diner! The red and white vinyl, black and white checkered floor, and framed records really set the stage for a nostalgic eating experience. There’s no water infiltration here!

Wine Cellar

5. Wine Cellar: Humidity may be important for aging wine, but that doesn’t mean a basement flood would be welcome in this cellar.


6. Library: A finished and properly waterproofed basement would be a great environment for a home library! Any water leakage could cause damage to this collection of literature and put a “damp”er on your reading experience.

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