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Sump Pump Power: Our Reliable Systems Will Help Keep Your Basement Dry

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As I and a couple of my co-workers closed and locked up the building on Monday, we were almost completely drenched by the heavy evening downpours. Roads like Eleventh Avenue and Stelzer Road also were waterlogged as we carefully began our slow commute home.

Even if you weren’t out braving the elements, you still may have experienced an effect of the heavy rains. Have you checked your basement? Is it dry or are there puddles on the floor? Did you set up a bunch of fans to try to dry everything out?

Whether you use your basement for laundry, storage, or that “man cave” everyone likes to visit, it’s important for your basement to be dry. Water can find its way into your basement through a variety of means, so you need to have a way to intercept this seeping water and rid it from your home.

A properly functioning sump pump is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Some sump pump systems have partial lids and even open pits. These are dangerous and ineffective systems, but we at Ohio Basement Authority have you covered with a variety of sump pump system options.

Along with the BasementGutter interior drainage system, which is designed to sit in the sub-floor to catch leaking water from the walls and floor, our expert crews install reliable sump pump systems that will fit your budget and keep your home dry. Each system features reliable Zoeller® pumps.

SafeDri Prox
The SafeDri Pro Premier Sump Pump System features a powerful 1/3 hp pump inside the liner, which can pump more than 2,000 gallons of water out of the basement per hour.

For extra waterproofing protection, we can add a DC pump inside the sump liner, as well as an external backup battery to create the SafeDri Battery Backup System. These pieces allow the system to pump out more than 11,000 gallons of water on a new, fully-charged battery.

SafeDri Triple
By adding a ½ hp pump to the SafeDri system, this creates the “king” of sump pump systems, the SafeDri Triple. A larger liner is used to accommodate the interior pieces, and we often use it when installing the other systems to allow for easy future upgrades. As with the SafeDri system, you can rest easier knowing the SafeDri Triple has the power to keep you basement dry even during the most severe storms.

SafeDri Pro
If you’ve also got a leaking crawl space, we can waterproof that area too! The SafeDri system is similar to the SafeDri Pro with a 1/3 hp pump, but it is specially designed to fit with the CrawlSeal crawl space encapsulation liner.

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