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Waterproofing Before Basement Finishing in Dublin, OH

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Homeowners in Dublin, OH, have lived in their house almost as long as it has been standing – 40 years. They would like to take on a renovation project to re-finish the basement, but they knew they needed to address a crucial repair project first.

During the last couple of years, the owners noticed an increasing problem with water leaking into the basement, leaving puddles on the floor, and saturating the carpet in some areas. Before tackling the basement finishing project, the owners wanted to be sure this area of the home would always be dry and free of seeping water.

After seeing Ohio Basement Authority’s TV ads, the owners were motivated to contact us to learn more about how we could help them. They met with one of our inspectors who evaluated the condition of the leaking basement. Our inspector then presented the owners with some of our reliable basement waterproofing solutions.


One of our crews then waterproofed the basement with BasementGutter, SafeDri, and FreezeGuard.

The basement’s perimeter was first excavated in order to properly install the BasementGutter interior drainage system. BasementGutter is specially designed to sit in the sub-floor and atop the footing to accept seeping water from the walls and floor. Before BasementGutter was placed in this trench, weep holes were drilled into the bottom of the walls to allow seeping or built-up water to escape and be able to drain into the BasementGutter system.

Any water intercepted by BasementGutter is then directed to drain into the SafeDri Battery Backup System. This sump pump system features two powerful pumps inside its liner – a 1/3 hp pump and a DC pump – as well as an external backup battery. These pieces work together to ensure the sump pump system always will operate to pump water out of the basement, even during power outages. This system also was installed using the larger SafeDri Triple sump pump system’s liner to allow for easy future upgrades.

Additionally, a FreezeGuard was attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line to prevent flooding if this line should freeze or become blocked.

The homeowners can confidently renovate the rest of their basement knowing these solutions always will keep it healthy and dry.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Installed Products: BasementGutter, SafeDri, FreezeGuard

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