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Waterproofing More Than Traditional Homes

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Our mission at Ohio Basement Authority is to help homeowners create healthier living environments. Along with providing exceptional customer service, we accomplish this by using the very best, top-quality permanent solutions.

And we don’t stop there. We do more than just work on typical single-family homes. Along with our vast residential services, our company also has completed many repair projects at commercial and other properties. From businesses and churches to apartment complexes and sorority homes, our expert team can handle various basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and other needs.

Sump Pumps: Not Just for Basements

Sump pumps are the heart of any basement waterproofing system. They work to pump any leaking water safely out of the home. While sump pumps are intended for basements, they can be installed in other locations.

We have helped several business owners keep their buildings dry by installing sump pumps like the SafeDri Triple sump in elevator shafts.The owner of a commercial building in Hilliard, was concerned with constant flooding issues and failing sump pumps. But now he has peace of mind knowing the building will be safer and more functional for his tenants because we installed the SafeDri Triple sump in the elevator shaft and SafeDri backups under the stairwells.

Water has been leaching through this foundation wall.

A Solution on Campus
Seeping water does not discriminate. Other than the typical home, water can just as easily seep into a college sorority house.

Members of Alpha Chi Omega at Ohio State University, as well as their house mother, have been dealing with dampness and moisture in the basement of their campus sorority house for years. From the utility and laundry rooms to the pantry and common areas, water was leaching through the block walls.

They tried to seal the walls with waterproofing paint, but the water and moisture issues only continued. They consulted with various repair companies, but were not confident in their methods.

Seeing one of Ohio Basement Authority’s TV ads prompted Janet, the Alpha Chi Omega house mother, to call us. One of our highly trained inspectors completed a thorough evaluation of the house, and then recommended various repair solutions that would address their issues once and for all.

Confidence in the Right Company

Janet knew she made the right choice in contacting Ohio Basement Authority because of our approach. Our inspector was thorough in explaining the problem and repair process, and Janet was impressed by his knowledge and professionalism.

She as equally pleased with the installation crew that completed the extensive work. The crew took great care in keeping the work area clean and preventing any dust or dirt from covering other areas of the basement.

Inside the house, the BasementGutter interior drainage system was installed in the sub-floor to catch any seeping water and drain it to the SafeDri Triple sump pump. This more reliable sump pump system with a back-up batter replaced the older system that was corroding and failing. A dehumidifier also was installed to help control humidity and moisture, as well as clean and purify the air. All of the older, damaged exterior clay pipe and drainage on the property also was replaced.

Janet was pleased this project was completed so future Alpha Chi Omega members will have a safer and healthier place to live.

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Whether you own a house, business, or other building, you need to take the proper steps to ensure its health and safety. Contact us to learn how our expert team can help you do that!

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