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Thinking of Hiring A Basement Waterproofing Contractor? Don’t Rush Your Decision

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One of the biggest headaches homeowners face when they’re planning to waterproof or repair the basement is hiring the right person. After a severe storm or an emergency, they realize they need to restore their basement. Not every contractor who pops up in Google Search is worth your time and money. With this understanding, you won’t rush to hire right away. You’ll have to do background checks and ascertain whether the basement waterproofing contractors you’ve identified are as good as they claim to be.

You probably know a neighbor or a friend who hired a basement contractor without doing due diligence. Anyone can guess what happened. The contractor did a dismal waterproofing job, sent them a ridiculous bill, and demanded to be paid quickly. For their harried decisions, they paid a price. Sadly, this happens a lot more than you think.

What Do Basement Waterproofing Contractors Do?

Before we look at what makes a good basement contractor, let’s first understand what they do and how they operate. These professionals protect your basement from water damage. Most projects start with an inspection of the basement for leaks, water damage, and other underlying problems. Their findings will inform their next move and the types of solutions they’ll apply. Depending on the issue, the contractor can install basement drainage, a sump pump, and a dehumidifier. The focus then shifts to the exterior, where they can install exterior drainage systems like downspouts.

Things to Consider

Keep these five things in mind when looking for contractors.


Who have they worked for? And what do customers think about the contractor’s services? A contractor with a good portfolio guarantees you two things: results and predictability with price and timelines. This way, you can estimate when they’ll complete a project and at what cost.


The basement is a crucial part of your home, and not every contractor can handle it. Anyone with a license has demonstrated they have the ability to undertake basement waterproofing projects, and they can adhere to state building regulations and local codes. Because they’re qualified, you can expect fewer problems and pleasant results with any waterproofing job.

Skill and expertise

Whether you’re installing a basement drainage system or repairing wall cracks, you should hire a contractor with the right blend of skills and expertise. It doesn’t make sense to get a top-level contractor to snake your drain or perform simple repairs. Find out what equipment they have and whether they’re up to the task. A good contractor should have access to all the right tools needed to do the job.

Mode of Payment

A good contractor should offer you many ways of settling your bill and even consider various ways of financing your waterproofing project. You want your project to run smoothly without being asked to reverse a payment or pay via bank only.


Whether a product warranty or a workman’s compensation warranty, a warranty protects you from damage and financial loss. You’ll also avoid tussles or “your word against mine,” as you’ll have a reference. So, make sure your contractor backs every waterproofing project with a reasonable warranty before you sign any papers.

What’s in a Basement Waterproofing Quote?

Most basement contractors provide their customers with quotes. It pays to know what your quote means. A typical quote will pinpoint the underlying issues and their causes and state the measures you need to take to rectify the issues. It’s fairly common to find price estimates for waterproofing your basement, including a breakdown of the cost and the required materials and equipment. A quote won’t be complete without a mention of the project timeline and tasks. Once you get a quote, you can use it to file an insurance claim or get a loan from a financier.

Think about how much money you’ve invested in your home. You may even be servicing a mortgage. Why would you jeopardize your investment and the health of your loved ones by hiring just any contractor? Whether you’re waterproofing your basement for the first time or undertaking urgent repairs, hiring the right contractors could mean the difference between getting satisfactory results and throwing money down the drain.

Ohio Basement Authority is a trusted name in basement waterproofing across Cincinnati. We not only offer free inspections and quotes, but we go the extra mile to take care of your investment. With us, you get pleasant results at affordable prices minus the downtime associated with inexperienced contractors.

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