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Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Basement Waterproofing

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Sometimes a DIY option or “quick fix” seems like an easier and less expensive solution to your basement waterproofing problems. This is not the case because these problems will only worsen over time and become more costly in the long-run. Here are seven bits of advice our customers have heard about basement waterproofing, and why it is best to not follow them.

1. “Just paint the walls.”

  • Paint will not keep water out of a basement. The paint will peel off due to moisture and the water will come right back through.

2. A little water is normal.”

  • This is not true. Not all homes have water issues. Even if there is a little bit of water now, these problems will get worse over time and eventually become larger problems.

3. “Install a pipe and gravel drainage system.”

  • These traditional drainage systems sit on top of soil and can easily become clogged. If the pipe is clogged, water has no way to drain out of a home. Our BasementGutter system is a unique one that sits directly on top of the concrete footer, has holes along the side and a flange to collect water from several directions, and a lifetime warranty.

4. Caulk the space between the wall and floor.”

  • This, like the paint, will eventually just peel away or water will just burst through the caulk. This is not a permanent solution to water leakage.

5. Put more dirt outside to block water flow.”

  • Soil is permeable, so putting more outside of a home will not stop water from entering a basement.

6.  Put another wall up in front of the leaking wall.”

  • This will not keep water from entering a home, and the water will eventually infiltrate the second wall as well. From an aesthetic standpoint, this is not an ideal solution either.

7. Just let the water flow into a drain or sump pump.”

  • Letting water simply flow into a drain or sump pump is not a good idea. This will cause damage to walls, floors, and belongings, and growth of mold and mildew. This creates an unhealthy home because this moldy air will travel throughout the house. This also prevents the homeowner from using the space for storage and it becomes a place they just avoid at all costs.

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