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Add Drainage Matting to your Encapsulation; Your Crawl Space Will Thank You

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Does your home have a dirt crawl space underneath it? Have you been in this area of your home?

The crawl space is an often forgotten area of the house that homeowners never venture into. Yet this area can greatly affect the rest of the home. If the crawl space is wet, damp and improperly insulated, the home above it will also have moisture issues, energy deficits and poor air quality.

Ohio Basement Authority can dramatically improve the health and appearance of the crawl space, as well as the health of the rest of the home, with a CrawlSeal encapsulation. This involves completely covering the crawl space floor and walls with the thick CrawlSeal liner.

There are several patented products that Ohio Basement Authority can install along with CrawlSeal to create a healthier crawl space. Our certified inspectors can customize these permanent solutions to fit your repair needs, goals and budget.

What may seem like a small piece of the crawl space repair puzzle is quite beneficial – drainage matting.

Drainage matting is a dimpled polyethylene sheet that is placed on the crawl space floor, and is perfect for crawl spaces with flooding or other water intrusion issues. The matting creates a space for water to flow down to a perimeter drainage system like CrawlDrain, then to a sump pump system like SafeDri Pro.

The airspace the drainage matting creates is a thermal break that also helps insulate the crawl space. Other products like foam insulation and CrawlSeal liner can be placed on top of the drainage matting. Installing products like drainage matting, foam insulation, CrawlSeal and CrawlDrain together helps create a complete crawl space solution. The drainage matting also helps enhance the durability and longevity of the other products.

Not only do these products help create a healthier crawl space, this area will be more functional and ideal for storage purposes. You’ll love going into your crawl space to store or retrieve items because of the cushion the drainage matting provides.

If you want to improve the health of your home with a crawl space encapsulation, contact Ohio Basement Authority for a free, no obligation inspection. Be sure to ask your inspector about what drainage matting can do for you!

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