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Cleaning Out Your Crawl Space: 10 Reasons to Get Started

Crawl spaces are impacted by the worsening winter weather - but that's not the only reason you need to keep them clean.

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No one enjoys cleaning their crawl space. Getting your hands dirty has a myriad of benefits, though, that can lower your stress levels and save you money, including:

Improve Your Home Storage

While crawl spaces used to be used to store dried foods, you’re likely using yours now to protect any belongings you have that you don’t want upstairs at the moment. A flooded crawl space, however, isn’t going to protect anything, be it food or your belongings. When you clean out your crawl space, you’re able to preemptively find any cracks or signs of leakage that would otherwise grow.

Reduce the Risk of Foundation Damage

Water can reach your foundation via a variety of paths. One such path leads straight from your crawl space down to your supports. While foundation damage isn’t a death sentence for a home, it can be expensive to repair if it goes untreated for an extensive period of time. If you want to keep your foundation safe, you’ll want to clean and waterproof your crawl space as soon as possible.

Prevent Flooding

Nothing is worse than going down to your crawl space, intent on putting something away, and finding your belongings swamped with rainwater. If you clean your crawl space regularly, you’ll be able to stay on top of this area’s condition and actively search for signs of damage that might otherwise lead to flooding.

Eliminate Mold Spores and Clusters

Mold loves a damp and dark space – and unless you’re keeping your crawl space lit and heated all year round, there’s no better place for it to take root. If you choose not to clean your crawl space, you could quickly be dealing with mold clusters the size of your head. Cleaning your crawl space, comparatively, will save you the stress and health concerns that these kinds of clusters can bring with them.

No More Rat Doors

If water can get into your home, animals and insects can get into your home. When you clean your crawl space, you close up any rat doors – or doors for other animals – that these critters may use to escape the Cincinnati, OH, cold.

Boost Your Home’s Cleanliness

A dirty crawl space is going to stink up your whole home if you leave it unattended. Why? Because crawl spaces that are musty smell like dampness. That smell will permeate into the upper levels of your home and make it difficult for you to feel like your living space is actually clean. When you frequently spruce up your crawl space and ensure that it’s water-free, you’ll be able to live comfortably in the rest of your home, too.

Improve Your Home’s Market Value

As mentioned, a damp crawl space isn’t a death sentence when you’re looking to place your home on the market. However, you are going to have to list any crawl space and foundation cracks as features when you first put your home up for sale. On one hand, doing so means that you won’t have to spend money on repairs. On the other, it means you risk losing up to 30 percent of your home’s market value in the sale.

Cleaning your crawl space, then, is a quick and easy way to save money when you’re selling your home. What’s a better motivator than that?

Replace Old Insulation

Insulation doesn’t last forever. If you’re using your insulation both as a thermal protector and as a waterproofing agent, you’re going to need to replace it at some point. If you don’t, your old crawl space insulation will become the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Save Money on Repairs

As mentioned, cleaning your crawl space helps you get ahead of any crack symptoms that may eventually lead to flooding. When you’re able to spot these signs early, you can get in touch with a Cincinnati, OH, contractor for a free inspection and estimate ASAP and waterproof your crawl space, saving money as you go.

Save Money on Your Bills

A damp crawl space costs you money in more ways than one, though. If you haven’t cleaned your crawl space, you may be spending unnecessary funds on electricity, heating, and water. Get down in your crawl space to determine whether your pipes are leaking or whether or not a crack is making it more difficult for you to heat your home. Once you’ve identified these problems, you’ll be able to get back to saving money and using your crawl space efficiently.

Don’t wait for your crawl space problems to get out of hand. Reach out to a local contractor like the experts at Ohio Basement Authority – or get down and dirty in your crawl space today.

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