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Cleaning Up a Nasty Crawl Space in Columbus, OH

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As a realtor, a homeowner in Columbus, OH, was knowledgeable about Ohio Basement Authority and our repair services. She knew she would have to have various improvement projects completed in order to sell her home in the future. She also knew she could count on our company to provide quality permanent solutions.

The homeowner contacted us with the intent of addressing cracking foundation walls. One of our expert inspectors met with the homeowner, and he pointed out additional areas needing repair. These included some water in the basement and a nasty partial crawl space. This area adjacent to the basement had failing plastic liner on the dirt and gravel floor that trapped seeping water.

Along with reinforcing the basement walls with Carbon Fiber supports and waterproofing the basement with BasementGutter, we also gave the crawl space a healthy makeover. We waterproofed this area of the home by installing the CrawlDrain drainage system, which was tied into the basement’s BasementGutter system. We also encapsulated the crawl space in CrawlSeal liner to completely seal it from moisture, vapor and the earth. ExTremeBloc panels were added to the crawl space walls to further insulate the area.

The homeowner was pleased we completed these various repairs to help create a healthier living environment.

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