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Conquer That Cold, Clammy Crawl Space with Proper Encapsulation and Insulation Projects

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Is there a constant thermostat battle in your house? Have you noticed the urge to crank up the heat because the floor under your feet feels cold?

We won’t step in to mediate your debate over the perfect temperature, but we can help you create a healthier, more energy efficient home!

Do you know what’s below your feet? You could have a crawl space that is unhealthy and unsightly, that also contributes to chilly upper floors.

This crawl space is not safe or healthy storage area.

It is common for houses to be built with vented dirt crawl spaces. But this is harmful to your home in many ways. Open vents allow outside air into your home. Even if you seal upper windows and doors, you’re still letting cold wintertime air into the house because of the crawl space vents. This air then is drawn upward through the house due to the “stack effect.” Your energy bills also might be high because of a constantly running furnace.

Water, pests, and even animals can find their way inside the crawl space as well.

Many crawl spaces are not properly sealed or insulated. Some have plastic liner covering the dirt or gravel floor, but it can easily trap moisture and lead to mold growth. Same with fiberglass insulation. Wet, failing insulation is just plain yucky.

Even if you’ve got a nasty looking crawl space that makes you cringe, our team is up to the challenge of tackling even the grossest areas. Our inspectors will suit up to go in and complete a thorough evaluation of this area under your house, then they’ll report back to you what the problems are and how we can fix them.

We'll venture into your crawl space to make your home healthier!

Our crews also take precautions to protect themselves from any unhealthy conditions so they can transform a seemingly out of sight, out of mind area into a healthier and more functional space.

Along with concealing crawl space vents with exterior covers, we will properly seal your crawl space with a CrawlSeal encapsulation. CrawlSeal is a thick and durable liner that is similar to swimming pool liner. This liner completely seals the crawl space to isolate it from the earth. It also prevents moisture and vapor intrusion, is waterproof, has an antimicrobial coating, and helps insulate the crawl space. CrawlSeal brightens the area and is tough enough to crawl on, making the crawl space a perfect storage area.

We also can insulate the crawl space floor by installing insulation sheets before the CrawlSeal encapsulation. And instead of nasty fiberglass insulation, we will place ExTremeBloc panels on the walls. Spray foam also can be applied to the band joists. These different solutions will help keep warm air inside during the winter, thus helping keep the rest of your house warm and your energy costs down.

Are you ready to get your crawl space off of your to-do list? Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate!

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