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Crawl Space and Basement Overhaul in Blacklick, OH

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Mrs. Wheeland noticed the floor of her home was sagging in the crawl space, and she recognized it needed a proper support system. She contacted Ohio Basement Authority, and was pleased with on of our expert inspector’s thorough evaluation and suggestions.

She called specifically for IntelliJacks Рhigh-capacity, adjustable steel piers designed to stop settling and raise the floor back up to the proper level. But upon further investigation, our inspector also noticed water problems in the crawl space along with wet basement walls. He also took note of a sloping hallway floor, water and mold on the crawl space insulation, and cracking drywall.

Mrs. Wheeland was advised her home needed crawl space waterproofing and supports. After some of her own research, she knew a little more about what to expect. She received estimates from a few other companies, but chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the inspector’s honesty, and the project covered all areas she needed.


The CrawlDrain drainage system was installed in the perimeter of the crawl space floor. CrawlDrain collects water and drains it to a sump pump location such as the SafeDri Pro, which was also installed in Mrs. Wheeland’s crawl space.

Then the CrawlSeal System was fitted on top of the CrawlDrain System. Approximately 912 square feet of CrawlSeal liner and 670 square feet of drainage matting was installed. This heavy liner will protect the area from issues such as bugs, condensation and mold. In addition, any water present will be able to flow beneath the liner to the sump pump.

Spray foam was also used in the crawl space, and two vent covers were installed. Vent covers provide a clean and easy way to save money on energy bills, keep excess moisture out of the crawl space, and create a healthier environment.

Five IntelliJacks were placed under the sagging crawl space floor, and Carbon Fiber straps were installed in the basement. Both products help make the home more structurally sound.

BasementGutter was installed along the entire basement floor. It is a piping system engineered specifically to solve basement water problems effectively without worry of clogging from soils under the floor. A second sump pump was also placed in the home. The SafeDri with battery back-up in the basement enhances the home’s dryness and Mrs. Wheeland’s peace of mind. Numerous underground downspout conductor lines were also installed.

Mrs. Wheeland now has a level floor and a healthy and dry crawl space and basement, covered by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. She was pleased to have the work finished so her children would not have to worry about the home in the future.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: CrawlSeal, CrawlDrain, IntelliJack, SafeDri, SafeDri Pro, BasementGutter, spray foam, vent covers, drainage pipe, CarbonFiber

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