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Do You Really Need to Get A Crawl Space Sump Pump?

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Installing sump pump

While many people in Columbus, OH, worry about occasional floods, buying a sump pump isn’t something that immediately comes to mind. You’ll see why shortly. Some residents even convince themselves that this weather phenomenon doesn’t affect them. In fact, they’re more likely to buy a dehumidifier or apply other crawl space solutions to fix crawl space issues that affect them and overlook the sump pump.

In this post, we shall tackle an all-too-common question: Should I buy a sump or not? What considerations should I make when shopping for one?

Should I Get a Sump Pump?

The answer is, it depends on your situation. If your crawl space faces an imminent danger of flooding because you live in a flood-prone area, go ahead and have one installed. The same applies if gravity discharge isn’t possible due to your landscaping. Your crawl space drain alone may not be sufficient to deal with fast-rising water during a rainstorm. And this is when a sump pump will come handy. A crawl space repair expert will install it at the lowest section and set the pit to a certain level. When water crosses the level, the pump actuates and starts ejecting water.

It’s a good idea to combine an interior drainage system like CrawlDrain™ and a sump pump, as this ensures water moves out fast and no harm befalls your crawl space. However, under normal circumstances, your crawl space will do just fine. Seek the opinion of your trusted local waterproofing and crawl space contractor before you make any decisions.

Things to Keep in Mind When Investing in a Sump Pump

Don’t rush into the nearest hardware store and grab the first sump pump you see. Here are important things to note:

  • Pump size – Getting the right size means water is ejected fast. A small pump could get overwhelmed easily by fast-rising water.
  • Sump pump motor power: Low-cost models may not pack a punch, which is what you require when draining water from your crawl space. Get a sump pump with a powerful motor. Not only will it eject huge amounts of water quickly, but it’s likely to last longer.
  • Clog-free design: Silting is a common problem that can clog your sump pump or slow it down, rendering it ineffective. To prevent sediment or silt build-up, get a sump pump with a tough plastic sump liner and a cover. Ensure the impeller is designed in a way that prevents debris or pebbles from getting stuck.
  • Battery backup: This is a no-brainer. From time to time, rainstorms cause outages, meaning your sump pump won’t work. You can avoid this scenario by getting a battery backup for your sump pump. You never know what Mother Nature has in store for you during a stormy day, so be ready.
  • Float and switch design: When water enters the sump pit and crosses a certain level, it’s the float-type switch that actuates your sump pump. We recommend a pump with a column-type float or solid float. Other types of switches and floats are prone to failure.
  • Motor housing: Avoid pumps with plastic motor housings, as they don’t respond properly to heat while running for long. The main problem is their housing gets really hot and creates tolerance, which can damage the motor bearings. Get a model with a cast iron casing, as it releases heat faster and doesn’t interfere with performance.

Waterproofing your crawl space entails many things. But primarily, locking out moisture-laden air accounts for most of the problem. Whereas flooding can be a temporary thing, moisture build-up and condensation can be a source of constant pain. Ensure you have a functional dehumidifier so you can tame moisture and avert problems that usually accompany it.

Having said that, other waterproofing methods like sump pump installation are equally useful and will bolster your efforts to keep the crawl space dry. If you feel your crawl space might flood or just want to take further measures to protect it, get in touch with the expert team at Ohio Basement Authority. We can install a reliable sump pump to bolster your other waterproofing initiatives.

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