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CrawlSeal Encapsulation Improves Health and Appearance of a Crawl Space in Columbus, OH

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A homeowner in Columbus, OH, was concerned when she noticed water on her basement floor. After she contacted Ohio Basement Authority, one of our inspectors thoroughly evaluated the basement waterproofing situation. He also inspected the adjacent crawl space, which had moisture and insulation issues.

The older insulation was removed, and the crawl space was encapsulated with heavy CrawlSeal liner. This durable liner acts as a moisture and vapor barrier, and improves the health and appearance of the crawl space.

A vent cover was installed on the home’s exterior to seal the crawl space from outside air, and a door was also installed outside as an additional, secure access point.

Additionally, permanent basement waterproofing solutions that were installed included BasementGutter, SafeDri Triple Sump, FreezeGuard, and buried downspout conductor lines.

The homeowner is pleased these products have created a healthier living environment she will be able to enjoy for many more years to come.

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