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Drain Your Crawl Space Concerns Away With Our Reliable Waterproofing Systems!

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Unless you live in a houseboat, you don’t want to have your living environment surrounded by water – at least not water that can harm your home.

You know we can waterproof your basement and encapsulate your crawl space, but did you also know we can help you keep seeping, flooding waters out of your crawl space, as well?

It’s fairly easy to spot leaking water in the basement, whether it’s dripping down the wall through a crack, collecting in a corner, coming up from the floor, or even flooding the entire space. But it can be difficult to know for sure if water is coming into your home another way. Unless you are in the habit of going into the crawl space under your house, you aren’t going to know if this area is safe and healthy or if it is a flooded mess.

Yes, the crawl space typically is out of sight and out of mind, and you may not feel the need to venture into this area. But it’s still important to be aware of the condition of the crawl space because it actually impacts the rest of your home.

Water can enter crawl spaces through the walls and floor, open vents, and even leaking pipes that are part of the plumbing system.

A wet crawl space is a breeding ground for mold and moisture, especially if there is fiberglass insulation anywhere in the crawl space. Water and humidity causes this insulation to deteriorate and fail, as well as create nasty odors that can be detected throughout the house. Any water and moisture trapped under typical plastic floor liners can result in the same issues. If there are any support posts in the crawl space, especially if they are wooden, they can easily fail and lead to sagging and uneven upper floors.

If you suspect water presence may be an issue in your crawl space, or you’re just not sure what’s down there and you’d like peace of mind and a healthy home, we at Ohio Basement Authority are here to help you!

Once you contact our office, we will schedule an appointment for you with one of our expert inspectors. The inspector will wear protective gear and then venture into this area to take a good look at what’s there. If water leakage is indeed an issue, the inspector will recommend our best solutions that our crews can install to address the problem once and for all.

CrawlDrain is placed in the “sub-floor” of the dirt or gravel crawl space floor. This system is specially designed with holes on the top and front under a filter fabric to accept water from the soil and surface of the crawl space. There also is a special wall flange, as well as large holes to accept water from the crawl space walls and wall joint.

Any water intercepted by the CrawlDrain system, which is installed throughout the crawl space perimeter, is then directed to drain into a sump pump to be pumped out of the crawl space. While any of our sump pump systems can be installed, we typically use the SafeDri that features a 1/3 hp pump inside the liner. The liner and two-piece airtight lid are specially designed to accept the CrawlSeal encapsulation system.

The CrawlSeal liner we use to encapsulate the crawl space is 100% waterproof and has an antimicrobial coating to prevent mold growth. Before the encapsulation process, we also place drainage matting on the crawl space floor. This thick and durable matting creates a space for water to flow into the CrawlDrain system, and it creates a thermal break that helps insulate the crawl space. It helps enhance the strength and durability of the CrawlSeal system, as well.

The small but energy-efficient dehumidifier also can be placed in the crawl space to dry and filter the air, control moisture and humidity, and reduce odors and the potential for mold growth. This will then help improve the air quality for not only the crawl space, but the rest of the house, as well.

For the best solutions to take care of your crawl space concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free inspection and estimate! We look forward to working with you to help you create a safer and healthier home!

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