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Did you know there could be a nasty, moldy, unhealthy area under your house? It might even be adjacent to your basement.

Many homes are constructed with vented dirt crawl spaces, but these areas actually do more harm than good.

Open crawl space vents contribute to what is known as the “stack effect.”  Air in the crawl space is drawn up through the house in an airflow pattern from bottom to top. Therefore, whatever is in your crawl space air is in your house and affecting you.

For example, cold wintertime air entering the crawl space will also make the above floors feel cold. This results in energy deficiencies in your house and taxes your heating system, which could be working harder to heat the house. You also probably are wasting money on high heating and cooling bills.

You’ve invested a lot of money in your house. How would you feel knowing there could be other inhabitants besides your family? Open crawl space vents are welcome signs to bugs, mice, and even other animals that can find their way inside.

If unwanted pests can enter the crawl space, so can water. Water from steady, heavy rains can seep inside the crawl space and saturate the floor and walls, and even cause flooding. Any water or moisture, coupled with humid and unstable air, also creates a breeding ground for mold. Mold and mildew can easily develop on fiberglass insulation and plastic floor liner.

Going back to the stack effect, if there’s mold in your crawl space, you also are breathing in this moldy air. This is extremely unhealthy, and poses greater risks for those in the home who have asthma, allergies, and compromised immune systems.

Many people also use their partial or full crawl spaces for storage. But would you want your belongings stored in an area with mold, water, pests and other nuisances?

These are reasons you need to encapsulate your crawl space today! The thick and durable CrawlSeal liner that we install fully isolates the crawl space from the earth to properly seal the crawl space. CrawlSeal also prevents moisture and vapor intrusion and works well with special waterproofing and drainage solutions. Another bonus with CrawlSeal is insulation, but we also can place another product – ExTremeBloc panels – on the crawl space walls for the best results.

Another key to a healthy crawl space is simple – cover the crawl space vents. We have durable vent covers and secure doors and access points we can install to meet your repair goals.

What’s stopping you from having a healthy crawl space and home? You don’t have to venture into this unsightly area under your house alone. Leave that to us! Our expert inspectors are eager to complete a thorough evaluation of your crawl space and then work with you to customize the perfect repair solution. Our crews then will take great care to transform your crawl space from a dingy spot to a functional space!

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