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What is Thermal Insulation and Is It Really Beneficial?

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Your crawl space has a direct bearing on the comfort levels and the energy efficiency of your home. Leaving it uninsulated and unconditioned could drive up energy bills. Besides, the indoors will become unbearable during cold winter months and the sweltering summer. Thermal insulation is your only hope against both extremes.

What is it and how can it help condition your Columbus, OH, home? You’ll learn about these and more in the next sections.

What is Thermal Insulation?

Thermal insulation is a way of preventing heat transmission from the inside to the outside of your home and vice versa. It works by reflecting heat back into the crawl space. Different people use different materials. The common ones are:

  • Glass fiber
  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Cellulose fiber
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Mineral wool

When insulating the crawl space, you may have to combine two or more of these materials; some materials work best on the walls, while others work better on the floor. Plus, some don’t sit well on irregular surfaces.

We recommend expanded polystyrene, which has a higher R-value and is resistant to mold, water, and termites, properties that some of the other materials lack. Our ExTremeBloc™ insulation panels are your best bet in properly insulating your crawl space

Wondering how insulation works? Typical insulation entails covering the crawl space walls and floor with materials that bar or reduce thermal conductivity. Applied properly, this solution helps maintain optimum temperatures in the crawl space and the home. As a result, you won’t depend on your HVAC to control the internal conditions.

Is Thermal Insulation Different from Normal Insulation?

Some people think both types of insulation are worlds apart. That’s not entirely true. Where they differ is the R-value (degree of resisting heat transfer), flammability, and how they affect the environment.

Steps for Insulating the Crawl Space

While nuances and steps may vary from contractor to contractor, here’s what you can expect from your crawl space insulation company in Columbus, OH:

  • Crawl space experts estimate the area to be insulated.
  • They seal crawl space leaks.
  • Walls are covered with water-resistant rigid foam – ExTremeBloc™.
  • Crawl space is fully covered with a heavy-duty vapor barrier.

What Are the Advantages of Thermal Insulation?

Let’s look at six reasons why you may want to apply thermal insulation on your crawl space:

  • Curbs Moisture Buildup: An exposed and non-condition crawl space lets in warm and moisture-laden air from the outside. When this air gets in, it condenses on the cold crawl space walls and surfaces. Thermal insulation prevents this movement and interaction of air.
  • Prevents Condensation: Insulation locks out air and prevents temperatures from falling to the dew point, a condition where moisture turns into water droplets. That means no mold, corrosion, or other problems associated with moisture.
  • Lowers Energy Costs: As long as your crawl space remains open, you’ll always run your heater for long hours to bring up temperatures to the level where your comfort. Insulation helps maintain the internal temperatures, and this lessens your dependency on your HVAC.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Since you’ll be burning less energy, you’ll reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and in so, doing reduce carbon footprint.
  • Protects Underlying Structure: Combing insulation and encapsulation helps preserve the integrity of subfloor structures such as wooden beams and joists, which support your home. They do so by reducing heat transmission and vapor condensation. Your subfloor systems and structures will remain intact and strong for many years.
  • Positively Impacts Health: Coupled with dehumidification, thermal insulation, also help you and your loved ones breathe easy. You won’t have to worry about mold spores, dust, or allergens that pollute indoor air.

Need Help Sealing and Insulating Your Crawl Space?

Don’t let the outside air or temperature changes affect the conditions in your home. Get in touch with us and schedule a free crawl space inspection and quote. Our friendly experts will seal up the crawl space and help you create a dry, healthy, energy-efficient home!

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