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Waterproofing and Encapsulating a Nasty Crawl Space

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During the 20 years that they have lived in their house, homeowners in West Mansfield, OH, have only ventured into the crawl space a couple times. During the most recent peek inside this area under their house, the owners noticed it was in an unhealthy state. Water has leaked inside and collected in several areas. The crawl space also lacked proper insulation and lining.

These conditions greatly concerned the homeowners, and they wanted to address these issues right away. As they researched potential repair options, they came across information about Ohio Basement Authority on resources like Angie’s List. They were then motivated to contact us to learn more about how we could help them. They met with one of our inspectors who evaluated the condition of the crawl space and then recommended some of our reliable repair solutions.


Foreman Martimiano Alonso then led his crew in installing these products.

After ridding the crawl space of standing water and debris, and regarding the dirt and gravel floor to level, the crew began to waterproof the crawl space. They did this by installing the CrawlDrain drainage system in the crawl space floor. This system is designed to intercept seeping water and direct it to the SafeDri Pro X sump pump that was installed.

Drainage matting was then placed on the crawl space floor to help direct seeping water to the CrawlDrain system and enhance the durability of the encapsulation material. The crawl space was then encapsulated in CrawlSeal liner. This thick liner fully seals the crawl space from the earth, prevents moisture and vapor intrusion, and helps insulate the crawl space.

A dehumidifier also was installed. The compact model cleans and filters the air, controls humidity and moisture, reduces odors and mold growth potential, and self-drains into the SafeDri Pro X system.

Additionally, vent covers were placed over the vents and a door was installed as a safer access point.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing these trustworthy repairs have helped them create a safe and healthy living environment.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Project Foreman: Martimiano Alonso

Products Installed: CrawlDrain, SafeDri Pro, Drainage Matting, CrawlSeal, Dehumidifier, Vent Covers, Door

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