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Five Basement, Crawl Space and Structrual DIY Projects and Cover-Ups

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The right repairs do cost money, but doing it correctly is important when your family’s health and safety is at risk. Here are five DIY projects and cover-ups that didn’t quite fix the problem.

Concrete was used to attempt to uphold this structure, it will actually weigh it down and cause it to sink further.

1. This homeowner tried to use a tower of concrete on top of poured concrete to support his sagging floors above the crawl space. The weight of the concrete will actually cause this tower to sink further and allow the floor to continue sagging as well. A better option would be our IntelliJack system for crawl space structural repairs. These are supports that can hold more than 60,000 pounds and transfer the weight of the home onto more solid ground. Not only do they support the structure, but they can often lift everything back to its original position.

Poorly made DIY sump pump

2. Here, we have a case of the homeowner installing his own sump pump. He removed some concrete, dug a hole, and installed a generic pump. This isn’t a good fix for several reasons. First, the pit is open, so it is becoming filled with dirt and debris which are hindering the functioning of the pump. Second, the water sitting in the pit is also becoming stagnant and it is now a breeding ground for insects, bacteria, and mold. Third, this sump pump is simply unsightly. A better option would be our SafeDri Triple sump pump which includes two high-powered pumps, a battery back-up pump in case of power outages, and an airtight lid. This repair would function correctly to keep the home dry and healthy.

3. This raised deck was not structurally sound. The support posts were uneven and shifting away from the structure. This homeowner hoped that placing a plastic flower pot in the gap between the support post and deck would do the trick. This was not the case. The deck continued to shift, and we were called in to install IntelliJacks (typically used in crawl spaces) to transfer the weight of this deck to more solid, stable ground.

This wooden contraption was devised to attempt to support this bowing wall. It is not working.

4. Here is an attempt to hold up a failing foundation wall. This is an elaborate, creative wooden contraption. However, this will not prevent the wall from bowing inward. A better option would be our Wall Anchors or IntelliBraces. Wall Anchors are heavy-duty earth anchors which are situated in the ground outside a home. These are connected by galvanized steel rods to wall plates on the inside of the foundation wall. The rod is tightened over time to bring these pieces closer together, thus straightening the wall back to its original position. PowerBraces are steel wall supports installed on the inside of the home. They also can be tightened over time to move the wall back to its original position.

Trash bag used to cover up a hold caused by moisture and rot.

5. Ah yes, the old trash bag over a hole trick. There is some underlying water damage here that has caused mold and rot behind the drywall. It is often easy to put these things “out of sight and out of mind” as these homeowners have done. It is a much better idea to resist the urge to ignore the problem and seek out the correct repairs. This home needs our waterproofing products such as BasementGutter and new sump pump. BasementGutter is a system composed of sub-floor drains which collect water from the ground, floor and wall and carry it into a sump pump system which directs it out of the home. Mold and rot affect the air quality in your home, and it is important to remove it and the underlying issue. This can be easily achieved with our Basement Air System which both dries and filters the air, removing ten times the amount of water as a regular dehumidifier.

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