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3 Common Foundation Defects That Could Damage Your Property

These common foundation defects could do real damage to your home if you do not address them quickly.

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Your home’s foundation is incredibly important. Any defects or damage to it can let water into your home and cause walls to bow, floors to sag, and even pose a danger of causing certain areas of your home to collapse. As such, it is important to learn how to recognize the signs of foundational defects and damage so that you can stop them before they snowball. 

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The 3 Most Common Foundation Defects 

There are many different things that can go wrong when it comes to a property’s foundation, but there are three foundation problems that are most common. These are sinking, settlement, and frost heave. They are all caused by environmental changes—in fact, most foundation defects are either caused by climate factors, natural disasters, or improper planning and construction. 


The year’s different seasons in Cincinnati, OH, can be incredibly wet, and if you don’t have proper drainage systems in place it can be very hard on your property. If water pools around your perimeter and sinks into the soil beneath your home it can destabilize the whole property. When soil saturates completely, it loses some of its integrity; if this happens, the soil under your home may not provide sufficient support. When this happens, your home can begin to sink. 

This is a big enough problem to begin with, but when properties sink, they rarely sink evenly. When this happens, it causes strain on the structure of your home, usually focused in specific areas. This extra pressure can cause extensive damage. 


While sinking is generally caused by excess water, settlement is caused by drought and dehydration. Dehydrated soil is prone to shrinking, so when the summer heat rolls around in Cincinnati, OH, many people experience cracks in their lawn. Settlement is what happens when these cracks open up under your home. 

When cracks under your foundation are wide enough, your property’s foundation will be improperly supported in certain areas and can crack. When the foundation cracks and sinks into the gaps in the soil, this is called settlement. The cracks in your foundation and basement floor which result from this will let water into your home when the drought breaks, causing even more damage. 

Frost Heave 

Frost heave occurs when a sudden drop in temperature causes the top layer of soil to freeze quickly. When the cold permeates the deeper layers, they too freeze, but because of the solidity of the top layer, they are unable to expand as they normally would. As a result, the top layer of soil heaves upward. 

When this happens under a property, it can cause the foundation to crack and bulge upward. This causes many issues including uneven floors and structural instability as well as allowing dampness and water to seep into your home when the thaw comes. 

These three problems may be the most common foundation problems, but foundation defects are notorious for causing additional issues and damage. As such, it is best that you have a full inspection completed before you begin thinking about repairs and other foundation reinforcement options

Dealing with Foundation Defects 

If you suspect that you have damage to your foundation, you should call a professional to assess your property immediately. While you can take a DIY approach to fixing some issues, anything to do with the structural integrity of your home requires expert care for obvious reasons. 

That’s where Ohio Basement Authority comes in. Whether you need helical piers, push piers, wall reinforcement, or other repairs, we will make the process as quick and cost-effective as possible for you. We can even suggest solutions to prevent the recurrence of foundation defects. All you need to do is arrange for a free inspection appointment with our team. These appointments come with no obligation to book repairs, and you will be provided with a same-day written quote to help you look into your options.

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