Helical Pier and Wall Anchors Stabilize a Failing Retaining Wall in Fredericktown, OH

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Foundation walls inside the home, as well as outside, can fail for several reasons. One of the most common is hydrostatic pressure exerted on the wall by soil that expands as it becomes saturated with water.

A retaining wall adjacent to a garage has been cracking and bowing outward. The soil behind the retaining wall could be putting continuous pressure on it, causing it to crack and bow. These visible signs of wall failure began to alarm homeowners in Fredericktown, OH, who have lived in the house since it was built 26 years ago.

Having a structurally sound home was very important to them, so they contacted Ohio Basement Authority with the goal of finding a permanent solution. Experienced Inspector Victor Golowin completed a thorough evaluation of the problematic structure, and he presented the homeowners with various permanent repair options.


Per Victor’s recommendations, one of our expert crews installed some of our reliable foundation repair products.

The earth around the retaining wall was first excavated to gain access to the wall’s footer. A Helical Pier was installed underneath the settling portion of the foundation wall to stabilize it and raise it back to level. Two Wall Anchors also were installed to further stabilize the retaining wall, straighten it, and prevent future bowing. Both of these durable products are constructed with galvanized steel, so they will never rust, corrode or fail to support the retaining wall.

Covers were also placed over the wall anchors to protect the wall’s appearance.

A new drainage pipe also was installed behind the retaining wall and tied into the existing exterior drainage system. Most retaining walls require some form of drainage. If water accumulates behind the wall, it can contribute to hydrostatic pressure by putting additional weight on the wall. This will lead to cracks, bowing and failure.

The owners were pleased these permanent solutions were installed so they will have a safe and structurally stable home for many years to come.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: Victor Golowin

Products Installed: Helical Pier, Wall Anchors, Wall Anchor Covers, Exterior Drainage Pipe

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