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Helical Piers & Push Piers Make Home Structurally Sound in Columbus, OH

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After living in northern Columbus for 27 years, a homeowner decided she wanted to sell her house.

During the last few years, she has noticed issues such as sloping floors, wall cracks and sticking doors becoming worse. She consulted local structural engineers Shirk & O’Donovan, and Professional Engineer Marcus L. Motter performed a structural inspection at the 47-year-old home.

He found evidence of past foundation settlement, mostly in the home’s southeast corner. The floor sloped downward, doors were not properly functioning, and there were several wall cracks in that area.

The wooden deck on the back of the house also showed signs of displacement associated with foundation settlement. The deck also sloped down and away from the house, and the wooden posts serving as deck supports had shifted and began to show signs of deterioration from moisture exposure.


To address these continuous problems and prevent them from getting worse, Mr. Motter suggested stabilizing the back deck and southeast corner of the home through the installation of Helical Piers.

The homeowner then contacted Ohio Basement Authority for assistance in stabilizing the home and restoring property value. Inspector Brendan Kent agreed with Mr. Motter’s recommendation. He proposed installing eight Helical Piers under the back deck and four Push Piers under the southeast corner of the home’s foundation.

The steel Helical Piers were mechanically advanced into the ground, then attached to new wooden posts under the existing deck beam. After excavating the area around the home’s southeast corner to expose the footing, foundation brackets were secured to the footing. Steel tubes were hydraulically driven through the brackets to competent soils, and the weight of the home is transferred through the piers to load bearing strata. This will lift the home back to level and prevent further settlement.

Other work included removing and replacing portions of the deck and stairs, installing new downspout conductor lines and reconnecting plumbing under the deck.

The homeowner hopes the piers, which are covered by 25-year warranties, will permanently stabilize the home and deck. Now that the home is structurally sound, she also hopes this will allow her to sell the house.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Marcus L. Motter, Shirk & O’Donovan Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: Brendan Kent

Products Installed: Helical Piers, Push Piers, Downspout Conductor Lines

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