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How Helical and Push Piers Fix Your Settling Foundation

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Push and Helical piers can be used to mend cracking foundation and leaning chimneys.

“If your house is cracking and falling apart, the doors and windows are sticking, or the cat’s sliding across the uneven floor,” Inspector Victor Golowin said jokingly, “Those are all great reasons to get your house piered.”

This is the top of a pier.

Foundation settlement happens when the soil under a home can no longer support its weight. The foundation then shifts because it is on unlevel ground. The same thing can happen with a chimney and cause it to pull away from the home. Both circumstances are huge safety hazards because these problems will only get worse over time. In many cases, the foundation or chimney will eventually collapse! Protect your home and family with Ohio Basement Authority’s foundation repair methods.

We offer two types of steel piers to correct a cracking foundation and other home stability problems. Helical Piers are an excellent choice for new builds and leaning chimneys. These are screwed into the ground on the outside of the foundation, and hydraulics are used to lift and stabilize a home that is cracking or a chimney that is leaning.

Push Piers are driven deep into the soil to bedrock or another stable soil layer. These piers can be installed from the instead or outside of the home. They provide an opportunity to lift a home back to its original position, often closing cracks and improving the operation of doors and windows.

Jill A. of Westerville, trusted Ohio Basement Authority to repair her slanting chimney. This is what she said about her experience: “They were so professional starting from the inspectors and then the crew that came to do the work. The price was considerably less than the first quote we had gotten. The office said, ‘Let us come out. We’ll do an excellent job.’ And they were right. The crew moved the bushes, put them back and even swept our driveway. First class company.”

So, if you are experiencing cracking in your foundation walls or a shifting chimney, call us today! We will send a certified inspector out to your home to assess the problem and determine what products will work best for you and your specific needs.

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