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Not Sure How to Fix Cracking, Bowing Walls? Brace Yourself for the IntelliBrace Foundation Wall Reinforcement System!

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As a homeowner, one of your top priorities most likely is to maintain a safe and stable living environment for yourself and your family. Considering this goal, it can be particularly alarming to see your home’s foundation walls beginning or continuing to fail.

Some of the signs you will notice in the case of a failing foundation wall include horizontal and stair-step cracking, and inward bowing or tipping.

“Why is this happening in my home?” you might ask.

Foundation wall failure can be caused by a number of things. The most common is hydrostatic pressure. When soil – especially clay soil commonly found in Ohio – becomes saturated from precipitation, it expands and exerts pressure on the exterior foundation wall. When the force exceeds the strength of the wall, the wall cracks or breaks. This reduces the structural integrity of the wall, and the continued cycle of saturation and constant pressure leads to further weakening and inward movement.

Additional factors that lead to foundation wall failure include other structures like driveways and porches putting pressure on the wall, large tree root systems, expansion due to frost, and poor grading. These factors also do not discriminate. Foundation wall failure and its signs can affect homes less than 10 years old or more than 100 years old.

Existing support systems also can fail to properly maintain the home’s stability. While structural steel I-Beams are easy to come by and are commonly used for foundation repair, severe damage to floor joists can result from improper installation. Many I-Beams also are black, uncoated steel or painted steel, all of which easily corrode and result in rusty, unsightly, and unstable systems.

Ohio Basement Authority can address failing foundation walls with several permanent solutions. One of them is the perfect alternative to typical steel beams. At first glance, the IntelliBrace System might look like your normal I-Beams. What makes these durable IntelliBrace beams different is their ability to be adjusted for potential wall improvement. The beams also are zinc-coated for corrosion resistance.

The patented IntelliBrace System is easy to install. Once the beams are cut to the appropriate height for your basement, they are ready to be installed on the foundation walls. The beams are tightly secured against the walls as plumb as possible, and are anchored to the floor and floor joists.

While the IntelliBrace beams permanently stabilize the foundation walls in their current positions, it is easy to adjust the top of the beam with a special torque wrench. This allows the wall to be tightened during the dry season for possible wall improvement.

If you notice cracks and inward bowing in any of your foundation walls, contact Ohio Basement Authority for a free, no obligation inspection. Our expert team can help give you peace of mind by installing quality permanent solutions that will ensure your home’s structural integrity for many years to come!

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