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Other Foundation Repairs and Why They Don’t Work

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Repairs for Settlement:

Total Foundation Replacement: This is when the soil is removed from around a home’s foundation walls. Then, the house is jacked up and the slab floor and foundation walls are removed. Finally, the foundation is rebuilt and the soil is replaced. This is very expensive, time-consuming, and invasive. It also does NOT work because you’ve just rebuilt a foundation on top the soil which couldn’t support the old foundation, so it will settle again.

Concrete Underpinning: After soil is removed from around the foundation again, concrete footings larger than the current ones are poured beneath the existing footings. The soil is then filled back in. This does NOT fix the problem because it just makes the footing bigger and heavier while the foundation continues to shift in the soil.

Concrete Piers: Short concrete cylinders are pushed into the soil on top of one another and are held together with a wire. Shims are placed on top to make sure it comes into contact with the home. This does NOT work because there is nothing to guide the pillars, so they often are crooked and are not pushed far enough past the problematic soil layer to reach a more stable one.

Solutions that DO work: Steel Push Piers and Helical Piers.

Repairs for Sagging Floors

Concrete Columns: This involves replacing current concrete columns or wooden posts with new concrete columns. This does NOT work because these are not adjustable and are time-consuming to install. When the new concrete later settles like the other columns, more shims will need to be put in. This is a repair that needs to be made over and over again.

Light-Duty Jack Posts: These are installed by placing a concrete block on top of the soil, and the jack is placed on top of it. The jack is tightened against the girder. This does NOT work because the light-duty jacks do not address the weak soil that is unable to uphold the sagging floors, nor can they hold much weight.

Solution that DOES work: IntelliJack System.

Repairs for Wall Failure

Total Foundation Replacement is often suggested to repair this type of problem as well. It is NOT a good choice for this due to the above reasoning.

Solutions that DO work: IntelliBrace, Carbon Fiber, and Wall Anchors.

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