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Wall Anchors Stabilize & Straighten a Cracking, Bowing Foundation Wall in Columbus

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When selling a house, it is important to disclose any possible issues with the home or to correct them prior to the sale. When homeowners in Columbus, OH, were working to fix up their house before selling it, they noticed cracking and bowing in one of the foundation walls after removing paneling.

Cracking and bowing are telltale signs that a foundation wall is beginning to fail. Horizontal cracking near the top or middle of the wall, like what the homeowners observed, is one of the first noticeable symptoms in the case of a bowing wall. Horizontal cracks usually start out small, but increase in width over time as the soil outside continues to exert pressure on the wall. This cause is also known as hydrostatic pressure.

Because the home was in contract to sell, having reliable repair work completed in a timely manner was crucial to the sale. Along with her husband, one of the homeowners previously worked with Ohio Basement Authority on another repair project. She knew she could rely on our company to provide an ideal fix.

One of our inspectors completed a thorough evaluation of the home, taking note of the wall cracking and bowing. The homeowners were excited to have our company install a reliable repair solution presented by our inspector.


One of our expert foundation repair crews then permanently reinforced the problematic foundation wall by installing seven Wall Anchors.

The crew first carefully augured earth anchor holes in stable soil away from the foundation wall. These holes are where heavy-duty galvanized earth anchors are securely embedded. Small holes were then drilled through the foundation walls, and galvanized steel rods were driven out to connect the interior wall plates and the earth anchors.

These durable wall anchors forever stabilize the wall and prevent any further cracking and inward bowing. The unique system offers the best opportunity to straighten the wall, as well as enhance resale value.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing the house will be a safer living environment for the next owners.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: Wall Anchors

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