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Keep Out Crawl Space Monsters

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Keep out crawl space monsters this Halloween with products installed by Ohio Basement Authority.

There are things I’m sure you know are in your crawl space — mostly spiders, centipedes, and other bugs — but what about the things you don’t know are in there? And do you really want huge spiders crawling into things you may be storing there, or worse, into your living space?

Crawl space encapsulation and insulation can keep these things out. Products like CrawlSeal and ExTremeBloc panels can make your home healthier, safer, and less expensive to own.

CrawlSeal is a durable plastic liner which is designed to completely isolate crawl spaces from outside elements. This protects the area from critters, mold, moisture, and microbes!

ExTremeBloc Panels are 2-inch-thick, water-resistant panels that provide and R-11 thermal resistance. R is a measure of heat retention in construction supplies. The higher the value of R, they more heat the material will retain. This provides great insulation and waterproofing, and knocks down those heating and cooling bills. Not to mention, things won’t come crawling through the walls.

I’ve decided to turn the spooky month of October into Keep Out Crawl Space Monsters Month. I’ve collected photos of some interesting creatures found in crawl spaces to share with you all month. Some of these are from projects we’ve completed at Ohio Basement Authority. Some won a Basement Systems competition for worst things found in crawl spaces across the country. Viewer discretion is advised.

Contact us if you want to keep these critters out of your home!

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