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Josh Stobinski has experienced being a “salesman,” but never at such a high level. He hit the ground running as one of Ohio Basement Authority’s inspectors because of the tools and training he received from our dedicated team that set him up for success.

“There was omission in some of the other sales positions I had, which I wasn’t comfortable with, so it was the honesty and transparency that drew me here to Ohio Basement Authority,” Stobinski said. “We really work with each other and the customers, and we help customers get the best solution at the best price.”

As a homeowner or even as a job seeker, you have your choice of a variety of contractors to work with. So why choose Ohio Basement Authority? The answer is simple. Our people make the difference. Whether you want to address a waterproofing or foundation problem, or begin a new career, Ohio Basement Authority has you covered!

During an award application process a few years ago, I sat down with our owner, Doug Secrest, to get his perspective on various points. Something he said about how our company operates ethically still resonates with me. “There’s only one way, and it’s what we do every day,” he said. “It’s doing the right thing.”

That core value is what Ohio Basement Authority was built on, and it still holds true almost 10 years later. That’s because we align ourselves with like-minded individuals who believe in remarkable experiences and that more is possible.

Our dedicated team installs a variety of reliable repair solutions.

Stobinski is one of them. He is thriving on our team of inspectors due to mutual commitment to excellence. He is a people person who enjoys meeting and working with diverse individuals to problem solve and find the best solution.

“I love educating customers so they feel good about the money they put into a project by us,” he said.

Part of the inspector training includes accessing and a wealth of resources available to us. Another piece involves working alongside our production crews to install the proven repair solutions we provide.

“I’ve always had some level of shadowing, but working on the production side took training an extra mile,” Stobinski said. “I got to learn about how the crews work. And it made me better on the front end, giving me an extra layer of credibility so I can better help homeowners understand our solutions. I’ve installed them myself and I’ve seen how they work.”

It’s easy to be instantly energized by new training, but it also can be easy to fall into the day-to-day routine tasks of work. However, we are not complacent in our jobs, and we always are learning and growing. We even took a step back recently to reflect on our success, challenge ourselves, and look to the future.

Our office was closed for a day in December 2018 so the teams at Ohio Basement Authority and Florida Foundation Authority could unite as one, the Authority Family, and commit to a dedication of excellence.

Along with team building activities and top gear leaders addressing the 100+ crowd of employees with department-specific updates and goals, John Becker and Doug Secrest spoke from their hearts about leadership and what this family means to them.

We also had the honor of hearing from former Steelers cornerback and Pro Football Hall of Famer Mel Blount. He stressed the importance of teamwork and family, and always striving for improvement.

Now that you’ve seen what sets us apart, how about working with us? We would love for you to contact us so we can help you create a safer and healthier home, and have you apply to join our remarkable team!

We are not like other contractors. We aren’t just trying to fill open positions with anyone off the street or send teammates out to a job unprepared. And we are not out to make a fast buck by pushing a plethora of products on you or provide less than stellar service.

Products don’t make the company. People do. It’s the Authority Family way.

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