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The year is in full swing, and Valentine’s Day has already come and gone. Whether or not you celebrate the day of love, it’s always a perfect time to show your home some love with improvement projects.

Do any of these problems look and sound familiar to you?

Water in your basement?

Whether you’re seeing a puddle, a stream, or several inches of flooding water in your basement, especially given the amount of rain we’ve received, we can help you keep this area of your home dry with reliable waterproofing solutions. That way, you can use your basement for storage, laundry, entertainment space, and whatever else you can imagine. Along with interior waterproofing, we also can update your exterior drainage lines.

Cold and/or uneven floors?

If you’ve got cold feet (literally, if the floor on the ground level of your home feels chilly), or if the floor feels bouncy and uneven, there could be problems in the crawl space under your house. Most homes are built with vented dirt crawl spaces that are not properly sealed or even supported. But our crawl space waterproofing, encapsulation and stabilization solutions will remedy this area for improved health, appearance, stability, and energy efficiency.

Cracks in the walls?

Don’t make yourself sick if you have a nagging feeling that the walls of your home are going to cave in. If you see some cracking in the foundation walls, as well as the appearance of gaps and inward tilting, we’ve got you covered. Every home is different and requires different repairs, but we have a variety of foundation repair solutions that will permanently stabilize your foundation walls and ensure your home is structurally sound.

Air quality concerns?


For a healthy life, it’s important that the air you breathe is safe. While our company can’t do anything about the ozone or climate, we can help you control what’s inside your house. Our dehumidifier for the basement or crawl space also helps by cleaning and filtering the air, controlling moisture and humidity, and reducing odors and the potential for mold growth.

Ugly, outdated window system?

don’t leave basement windows open

It’s important to have at least one operable emergency exit in habitable spaces, according to the International Residential Code. If you use your basement as a functioning office, bedroom or “man cave,” we can update small or nonexistent windows by installing an egress window system.

Sewer/water line troubles?

If you’ve noticed problems with the sewer or water lines serving your home, we can help you update these essential lines by installing thicker and more reliable piping systems.

So, how do you go about checking these to-dos off of your list? Reach out to the experts at Ohio Basement Authority!

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