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Stabilizing the Floors in a 1940s Home in Middletown, OH

We were called to inspect a 1940s home in Middletown because the owners noticed uneven floors. Here is what we found when we got there.

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There are so many great things about older houses. They were built to last, so they don’t lack in quality. Also, they have an architectural appeal that cannot compare with some of today’s places. Even with these advantages, old homes are cheaper since they need to be renovated.

The house we were called about was built during WWII, so it wasn’t a big surprise that it needed some tweaking. The homeowners were living there for more than 20 years, so they knew every nook and cranny of the house, which was very useful during the initial inspection. After our expert visited the homeowners, he detected that the home’s structural stability was compromised. Unless repaired, this kind of damage could result in a disaster, but luckily we were able to restore the house in just two days. With IntelliJack™ posts in place, the house was completely stable once again and could serve its owners for decades to come. 

failing basement supports

Meeting the Customers

The customers live in Middletown, OH, a city located about 35 miles north of Cincinnati.  Their house was  built in 1943, and they have been living there for more than two decades. They were worried about their uneven floors and were concerned that something was wrong with the foundation. The homeowners were looking for a reputable foundation repair company when they heard about Ohio Basement Authority on TV and decided to reach out to us. 

One part of the house had a basement that was not finished and was being used as a cellar. Like a lot of homes from the 1940s, this too has gone through a renovation and now features two new additions. Underneath one of them was an accessible crawl space so we could see what was happening underneath the house.

Initial Inspection

When our inspector went into the house, he noticed that the floors were uneven. After going to the basement, he noticed that it was a cellar-style basement with multiple depths. One half was five feet from the floor to the joists, while the other half was 15 inches from the floor to the joists. The older part of the home had this basement underneath it, while two new additions were sitting on crawl spaces. Upon entering the crawl space our inspector noticed that the main load beam was sagging. There are usually several potential reasons why this is happening. Sometimes this occurs due to sunken or damaged piers. If the masonry piers that support the main beam sink, wood support posts can rot or shift. When this happens, the support beam will sag or settle, leading to sagging floor joists and uneven floors.

Oftentimes, long spans between floor joists are responsible for the sagging of the main load beam. When the joists are over spanned, they cannot bear the load above and the main load beam also suffers. In this situation, the latter was the problem. Our inspector noticed that the joists were over spanned, which is a serious problem but can be easily fixed. After talking to the homeowners, we agreed to install IntelliJack™ posts to stabilize their home.

before crawl space repair

Repairing the Damage

The entire project was completed in two days. Through our work, we have learned that the best way to permanently solve sagging floors is to install IntelliJack™ posts under the beam that supports the crawl space joists. During the installation, we placed these posts on a concrete pad that sits on a base of compacted stone. Unlike masonry piers, these posts will not settle and they will not shift as wood posts can. They are galvanized so the homeowners don’t need to worry about rust.

When installing the IntelliJack™ posts, the crew members calculate the height of the crawl space and then cut the posts to size. Because of the threaded post cap, the installer can potentially raise a sagging floor back to its original position. Members of our team installed IntelliJack™ posts under the main load beam and supplemental beams. This way, we were able to raise the floors back toward their original position.

basement intellijacks installed

Your foundation is the most important part of the house. It bears the load of your entire home and keeps it stable, so ensuring it stays in the best possible shape is always a wise thing to do. If you are worried that something might be wrong with your foundation or you just want to be preventative, contact the experienced professionals at Ohio Basement Authority and schedule a free inspection. Our inspector will come to your house, determine the cause of the problems and recommend suitable solutions for your situation.

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