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Extra! Extra! We Offer Other Important Services You Need to Know About!

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Ohio Basement Authority has been helping area homeowners create safer and healthier living environments for almost 10 years. During that time, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy company – “the authority,” if you will – regarding basement waterproofing, foundation repair and crawl space repair.

But did you know we offer other essential repair services? These include sewer lines and water lines, exterior drainage, and egress windows.

Sewer Lines and Water Lines

Having reliable, properly functioning sewer lines and water lines serving your home is essential. Otherwise, you run into hassles and health hazards.

“When you have no ability to wash, cook or bathe, that’s a problem,” said Victor Golowin, an experienced teammate who is well-versed in handling sewer and water line inspections.

When you hear the name Ohio Basement Authority, you might not associate sewer and water line work with what we do. But we are licensed to repair and replace the water lines going into your home and the sewer lines coming out of your house. We also can be found on the City of Columbus preferred contractor list for these services.

“We also are approved for abandoning septic tanks and connecting to city sewers, which has helped a lot of people,” Victor said. “We have many satisfied customers who we’ve helped solve problems for. We offer fair, competitive pricing, and you can count on us for quality work. There’s no reason to go anywhere else. We’ll get it done for you.”

Exterior Drainage

Do you have unsightly, unsafe above-ground gutter downspout lines or sump pump discharge lines? Do these lines allow water to puddle on your property or near a foundation wall so it can easily seep inside your basement?

A basement waterproofing system is essential in keeping your home dry, and so is a properly functioning exterior drainage system. Some piping systems can easily break or become or clogged. But we will install thicker, more reliable 3” or 4” polyethylene pipes that resist damage.

We also can extend these lines to drain far away from the home, directing them to drain to street-side curbs or out into your yard. The YardWell outlet is used in the latter instance to conceal the ends of the lines.

Egress Windows

If you want to use your basement as additional bedroom space or transform it into a state-of-the-art entertainment area, it’s important to keep your house up to code. The International Residential Code requires all habitable spaces, including basements, to have at least one emergency escape and rescue opening. This means you need an egress window system.

We can install two types of egress window systems that will not only enhance your home’s safety, but its appearance, as well.

Side Note: We also are proud to work with realtors, commercial property owners, and other various affiliates. If you are a realtor, please check out our Fix It to List It page to learn more about how we can help you and your clients!

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your repair projects! If we can help, please contact us today so you will have a safer and healthier living environment!

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