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Stopping the leaks in your basement, repairing cracks in your foundation walls and encapsulating that nasty crawl space are all important projects that require the very best permanent repair solutions. It can be overwhelming dealing with these issues, but we at Ohio Basement Authority want you to feel confident knowing that we are here to put your mind at ease.

Our staff is highly trained to handle a variety of repair inspections and projects, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Below are a few common questions we hear from homeowners like you, followed by the answers from our expert staff.

Commonly Asked Questions

If your foundation walls were constructed with concrete or concrete block, it is easy for rain water saturating the ground to pass through concrete and find its way inside your home. Block wall cavities can fill with water, thus soaking the concrete and seeping through to the home. Water also can push its way through the basement’s wall-floor joint and flood the basement. If you find yourself dealing with wet walls or puddles on the floor during and after storms, give us a call! We can provide you with a free inspection and estimate, as well as patented repair solutions that will give you peace of mind and a dry basement.

Every home is different, but we can address cracking concrete and concrete block foundation walls with various patented repair products. These include Carbon Fiber supports, IntelliBrace beams, Wall Anchors, IntelliJack stabilizers, and Helical and Push Piers. Please give us a call as soon as you notice cracks or gaps in foundation walls! Potentially dangerous conditions and costly repairs could result the longer these problems are neglected.

If your crawl space is leaking and has problems with standing water and moisture, you need a proper drainage system. One of our crews can install a special perimeter drainage system in your crawl space that will intercept seeping water. This water needs somewhere to go other than saturating your crawl space, and we also can install a sump pump system to pump this water out of the crawl space. It’s also a good idea to install a dehumidifier to control moisture and humidity. We can assist with all of these aspects, so please give us a call so we can help you create a safer and healthier home!

What questions do you have about our company or our repair services? How can we help you? We would be happy to help you address your repair needs!

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