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2018 Angie's List Super Service Award
Ohio Basement Authority has earned the 2018 Angie's List Super Service Award. A leading national honor, this award recognizes the top qualifying businesses who have maintained exceptional service ratings and... [Read more]
Best of Home Advisor 2018 Winner
Ohio Basement Authority was named a 2018 Best of Home Advisor winner! We earned this award for having a solid track record with Home Advisor, and we've got satisfied customers... [Read more]
2017 Angie's List Super Service Award
Ohio Basement Authority has earned the 2017 Angie's List Super Service Award. A leading national honor, this award recognizes the top qualifying businesses who have maintained exceptional service ratings and... [Read more]
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Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Encapsulation in Albany, Ohio

Moisture in the basement or crawl space can lead to mold, rot, musty odors, and structural issues. It can also contribute to poor air quality and have a negative impact on your health. Fortunately, our trained experts are available to provide permanent solutions. We can install discreet drainage systems and waterproofing solutions in your basement and crawl space such as the BasementGutter drainage system and CrawlSeal vapor barrier­­ liner. Our solutions cater to the needs of you and your Albany home so you can have peace of mind.
Why Choose Us?
  • Tested, reliable solutions will protect your home
  • Longtime transferable warranties on all systems
  • Flexible payment and financing options
  • Award-winning service
  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Thousands of satisfied customers

Albany Structural & Foundation Repair

Foundation problems can affect your home’s safety, appearance, and value. Our team of experienced professionals is here to correctly diagnose the problem and provide long-lasting solutions for your home. We use patented products designed by professional engineers that will give you long-lasting results and peace of mind!
We Fix
  • Bowing Walls
  • Sagging Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Tilting Chimneys
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Settled Foundation
  • Garage Slab
Job Stories From Albany, OH
Permanent Foundation Stabilization with Helical and Push Piers in Albany, OH
When they moved into their house three years ago, homeowners in Albany, OH, noticed one of the foundation walls was cracking and did not appear to be level. They had this problematic wall rebuilt shortly after noticing this sign of foundation settlement, however the problems only continued. Now that the owners are trying to sell the house, they want to address these issues once and for all. They contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our company through our website. After meeting with one of our highly trained inspectors, the owners were equally excited for one of our expert crews to permanently stabilize the home. We installed several heavy-duty Helical Piers and Push Piers underneath the problematic, settling areas of the foundation. These durable galvanized steel piers were driven down to competent soil and attached to heavy-duty foundation brackets on the home’s footing. These piers permanently stabilize the foundation, help prevent further settlement, and offer the best opportunity to lift the settling section back to level. The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing the house will be a safe and stable living environment for the next owners.
Reinforcing a Cracking Foundation Wall in Albany, OH
After living in their house for many years, homeowners in Albany, OH, started to notice possible structural issues. One of the foundation walls was cracking and slightly tilting inward. These are common signs of foundation wall failure, which will only worsen and result in significant safety hazards and costly repairs. In search of a permanent solution, the homeowners learned more about Ohio Basement Authority through online resources like Home Advisor. They were eager to contact us and meet with one of our expert inspectors. After completing a thorough evaluation of the home’s foundation, our inspector recommended one type of our many reliable foundation repair products. One of our crews installed several Carbon Fiber supports on the problematic foundation wall. These heavy-duty supports permanently reinforce the foundation wall where they were installed, as well as prevent any further cracking and inward bowing. They also can easily be concealed by paint or drywall. The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing this trustworthy solution has helped create a safe and stable living environment.
Repairing Leaking Wall in Albany, OH
Homeowners in Albany, OH, had flooding in their basement that ruined some family heirlooms. They noticed that one of their foundation walls was bowing, cracked, moist, and had paint peeling off. The flooding often happened after hard rains. They planned to live there long-term and were looking for a repair company to "do it right." After doing an Internet search, the homeowners called us to set up a free inspection and estimate. One of our certified inspectors met with them to discuss possible repair options. They decided that IntelliJack, replacement support beams, and our dehumidifier would be the best solutions for their situation and budget. One of our expert production crews came in and installed these products. An IntelliJack (typically used in crawl spaces) is a strong, steel jack that was used to replace an existing, failing support. They used I-beams to replace the other failing supports and stabilize the bowing and cracked wall. Finally, they set up a Basement Air System, which is a powerful dehumidifier which both dries and filters the air. Due to these reliable repairs, the homeowners feel much better about the state of their basement, and no longer worry that flooding will ruin their belongings.
Stabilizing a Cracking, Tilting Foundation Wall in Albany, OH
During the time that he has lived in his house, a homeowner in Albany, OH, has been monitoring a structural issue in his home. One of the foundation walls was cracking and slightly tilting inward, and these issues seemed to worsen over time. The homeowner was concerned the wall could eventually fail and collapse, thus affecting the structural stability and safety of the home. After learning more about Ohio Basement Authority, the owner was eager to contact us for a permanent solution. After he met with one of our inspectors, the homeowner was eager for one of our crews to install one type of our many reliable foundation repair solutions. We installed several Wall Anchors on the problematic foundation wall to permanently stabilize it. These heavy-duty, galvanized steel anchors not only reinforce the wall, their unique design also allows them to be tightened for wall improvement. These anchors also offer the best opportunity to straighten the wall. The homeowner now has peace of mind knowing his home will be a safer living environment because of these trustworthy repairs.
Work Requests From Albany, OH
in in Albany
I have a basement wall that has moved and I'm wanting to reinforce/repair it.
in Albany Park Dr. in New Albany
Looking for basement egress window quote. Thank you.
in Belworth Square in New Albany
I'm interested in getting a quote on a french drain running the perimeter of our lawn on half of one side and the full length of the back side of our lot tying into the catch basin at the rear corner of our lot.
in Big Cypress Dr in New Albany
We have half basement, half crawl and want to inquire about converting the crawl
in Blavery Dr in New Albany
Basement moisture penetration. How much to fix it. Tks
in Bowermoss Drive in New Albany
Please call me immediately. House is going into contract for sell. May need system installed fast, with next week or two. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
in Butterworth Green Drive in New Albany
A section of my sidewalk (approx 4 ft.) has settled. There is a 3" to 4" gap at the edge of the sidewalk where the foundation soil has sunk. The sidewalk has been like this for about 3 years with no further sinking. I need an estimate of cost for this repair. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
in Camden Dr in New Albany
Full front porch settling in front and pulling away from house.
in Cedar Brook Glen in New Albany
Bowing and cracking basement walls. Mill dew showing.
in Cedar Brook Place in New Albany
I was wondering if you do replacements and installations of sump pumps. If so, do you offer free estimates? Thanks! Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
in Central College Road in New Albany
Moisture and smell from crawl space- need price on encapsulation
in Cunningham Dr in New Albany
Selling home and radon test came back above standard
in Cunningham Drive in New Albany
Interested in encapsulating our crawl space and spray foam the rim joist
in Dobbins Dr in New Albany
Exterior drainage system for guttering and sump pump water that runs from corner of house to the street has leaks and keeping area on north side of home too wet all the time. Grading for good drainage as well as possible replacement of pipe may be needed.
in Farrier Place in New Albany
I need a quote for a new vapor barrier in my crawl space.
in Fort Ward Drive in New Albany
Doing research on installing a battery back-up sump pump in basement. New home.
in Greensbury Drive in New Albany
We are purchasing a home and would like a quote on having the crawl space sealed with a vapor barrier to make it a more safe and efficient space.
in Greyhill St in New Albany
Basement Radon mitigation
in Griswold Drive in New Albany
We just moved into our home. The radon test came back at 2.2 pci/l. It is low but I will still consider mitigating. The basement is half finished and half crawl space. It is also damp so I have questions regarding moisture barriers in the crawl space.
in Hilltop Trail Drive in New Albany
Radon in basement. Would like to get an estimate on mitigation system installation.
in James River Rd in New Albany
Request estimate to level sidewalk in front of house
in Jensen Park Dr in New Albany
Need sump pump replaced
in Margarum Bend in New Albany
Water seeps through hairline crack when it rains
in Olmsted Road in New Albany
We have 5-6 areas on unleveled concrete sidewalk that need repair. Can you level or add a concrete wedge as a 'ramp'? Please let me know cost and time frame. thanks, Emily Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
in Pickett Place in New Albany
Crawl space looks unsightly
in Pleasant Colony Way in New Albany
Hi, I have an ongoing problem with water getting into my basement with heavy rains. I own a townhouse style condominium with a finished basement (ceramic tile floor and painted drywall walls). I do not know where the water is coming from and I don't know what to do about it (call the insurance company? call the condo association? etc) Thank you in advance for your help.
in Preve Ridge Dr in New Albany
Would like an estimate on replacing a basement sump pump. Not sure what size is needed, but the basement area is approximately 800 square feet. Also, would like a separate estimate on installing a backup emergency battery on the sump pump. Thank you.
in Sleeping Meadow Dr. in New Albany
I just purchased this home and after inspection we found out the radon levels are at 20. There is an unfinished crawl space and uncapped sump pump I am assuming both need to be taken care of. I would like someone to come out so we can see what the next steps should be and if a radon mitigation system needs to be installed. I also noticed you do foundation repairs as well. There are three cracks in the homes foundation that we were told by a specialist should be sealed. This is something we would also like to take care of. Please let me know what you think. Thank you - Marc
in Talanth Pl in New Albany
I have conductor lines that have settled and the downspouts are misaligned. Need to raise lines. Would like to receive a quote. Thank you. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
in Tottenham Place in New Albany
I am looking for an idea on a quote for a radon mitigation system for my basement. I have a sump pump and an exposed crawl space, the crawl space I would estimate to be about 250 square feet plus or minus 50. Also, I am curious how strong any cover for the crawl space would be since we will be dragging boxes from time to time. Please email if possible during the day as I am not typically available by phone until after 6 pm. Thank You! Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
in Upper Albany Ct in New Albany
I have until Jan 18 to complete inspection for home purchase. Testing found radon levels above EPA recommendation. I would like a quote for a radon mitigation system and for inspection of current sump pump. If unable to send someone by Jan 18, I would greatly appreciate letting me know. Thank you
in Upper Mount Row in New Albany
Few cracks in basement/crawl space. Want to make sure they aren't serious before finishing. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
in Walnut St in New Albany
Corners become damp with heavy rain
in Walnut St. in New Albany
Water leaking in on a corner of the basement Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
in Washington Road in Albany
Bowing basement wall
in Willow Grove in New Albany
Have cracks in two basement walls that leak water during heavy rains. Looking to get that fixed.
in Ynatis Dr in New Albany
Garage floor has cracks that need repair...selling home.
Albany Customer Review
Athens, OH 45701
Albany Customer Testimonial
Tim R.
Athens, OH

The inspector’s presentation was just right. He answered my questions and didn’t oversell or get pushy.

I then chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the company’s professionalism and the belief that I was working with a larger organization that had a great reputation.

Other than the work performed, there was no clue your crew had been there. They worked quickly, professionally, and left no mess. Their use of the plastic wall to control dust was especially appreciated. Martin with the crew also was very nice.

I would call your company first if I ever needed additional services.

Albany Customer Testimonial
John K.
Athens, OH

The company representative I met with was very helpful and professional, and he answered all my questions.

I chose to work with the company because of the thoroughness of the inspection of the issue, the inspector’s explanation of the cause and cure, and why his fix would be better than any other type.

The foundation had a broken corner, due to settling. The work was to raise the foundation of the entire side of the house. The crew was very professional and easy to work with. They stayed to do the job right, even though it took a day longer than expected.

I really liked the thoroughness and the extra time they took to do the job right.

Albany Customer Testimonial
Ryan O.
Athens, OH

Prior to doing research about basement repair companies, I never paid attention to those types of businesses.

We interacted with two companies, one of which was Ohio Basement Authority. There is a consistency in every interaction with members of your team from the inspector to the service support via telephone, to the installation crew on site.

We chose Ohio Basement Authority because your inspector spoke to us in a cordial manner that established trust and displayed a level of expertise, and because he followed up with us. He was very detailed in his explanation of possible service options.

It was a long drive from Gahanna to Athens each day, but Drew was always clear and accurate with the start time for each of the three days. Each member of the crew was an extension of your staff of inspectors, providing helpful insight about the process along the way. Drew was an excellent leader of his crew and ambassador for your company.

I will certainly keep Ohio Basement Authority in mind if I come across friends or neighbors that need basement repair work.

Albany Customer Testimonial
Annette T.
McArthur, OH

I was looking on Angie’s List and they contacted me, and I decided to at least talk to them and get an estimate. The inspector’s presentation was very informative and he answered any questions we had. My husband decided to go with them after the presentation.

Albany Customer Testimonial
Mary K W.
Nelsonville, OH

I chose to work with Ohio Basement Authority because of the knowledge displayed by the representatives and the thorough printed documents left behind to review. I’ve also seen the company’s TV commercials, and we’ve had work done by them at our primary residence in Worthington. They were very helpful and thorough both times.

The office staff was courteous and helpful, and they kept us connected to the appropriate people whether it was getting back to the inspectors or the production staff.

The installation crew was very prompt, and I believe they called in advance to say when they were arriving. All three of them were very nice and friendly, and did whatever they could to please us and do a good job. The clean-up also was excellent. 

in Albany
I have a basement wall that has moved and I'm wanting to reinforce/repair it.
Washington Road
in Albany
Bowing basement wall

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