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Basement Authority,

Having recently moved to Columbus and purchased a home that needed a series of significant repairs,  I have had interactions with many different contractors. I was shocked at the lack of craftsmanship, ethical regard, and even basic knowledge that many of these contractors presented to me. Some of the proposals I received were not only lacking in common sense, but could have created a permanent problem with my home and adversely affected my health.

Luckily I know enough about home building and the way mechanical and structural systems work to know when something sounds off and when I need to do my own research. However, when I talked to Basement Authority, nothing sounded off -- I immediately knew that they understood the problem and how to fix it. They were the first and only company that I had confidence in.

The guys at Basement Authority are consummate professionals and I have come to believe that this is a rare commodity these days (at least in Columbus). They are trustworthy problem-solvers who take pride in their work, work to precise specifications, and stand by what they do. They work well with the City and consulting engineers, and in general, they are just a pleasure to work with. If you have two bids
and need to choose between them, choose Basement Authority. I believe you will be happier with the results.

- Williamson W. of Clintonville, OH
Tuesday, November 13th

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