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Home Health and Repair Project Checklist for New and Longtime Homeowners

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New Homeowners Day was May 1, and coming up next in June is National Homeownership Month and National Healthy Homes Month. Whether you are just purchasing your first house or have been a homeowner for many years, it’s never too late to address the health and safety of your living environment.

At Ohio Basement Authority, we’ve got the right people and the right solutions to help you, and we’ll make sure you have the right experience.

Take the below checklist with you as you walk around your house and survey it for any issues.

Basement Waterproofing

  • Are you seeing puddles on the floor?
  • Do you have an effective, functioning sump pump system?
  • Do you detect excessive moisture and humidity?

Foundation Repair

  • Are you seeing cracks and gaps in your foundation walls?
  • Are the foundation walls tilting or bowing inward?
  • Do your floors feel bouncy, sagging, or uneven?
  • Do you have interior drywall cracks or sticking windows and doors?

Crawl Space Repair

  • Are open vents allowing outside air, water and pests into your crawl space?
  • Is the crawl space sealed from the earth?
  • Is the area properly insulated?

Other Areas

What does your checklist look like? Do you have a lot of items or just some marked off? We can help you with any or all of these issues so you will have a safe and healthy home! 

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