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Speed Dating Your Foundation, Basement, and Crawl Space Repair Company

When it comes to finding the right foundation or basement repair service, you want a specialist you can trust, one that won’t cut corners and guarantees you the best fix to your problem

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In an industry where almost every contractor regularly claims to be number one or the best repair service in town, it’s difficult to differentiate the best from the average. All potential contractors might sound appealing to desperate homeowners. But don’t hire anyone just yet. 

Your foundation repairs or basement waterproofing jobs will cost you a considerable amount of money. Therefore it is wise to not settle for just any repair company. You need to hire the best waterproofing contractor. Here, we unpack a couple of things that can help you find the right specialist for the job. 

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Provides Exceptional Customer Service

A good contractor treats their clients with the highest quality of customer service, which is what any homeowner expects. No one wants to put up with long queues or wait for days to receive poor responses from the company’s reps. Seventy-five percent of customers consider customer service a test of a company’s competence. If you approach a contractor and they seem to care more about making a sale than understanding your home’s issues and problems, it’s best to walk away. 

Backs Their Job With Workmanship Guarantee 

Both foundation repair and basement waterproofing projects are likely expensive. You want to make sure your investment is in safe hands. As a homeowner, you can have the peace of mind that comes with working with a basement or foundation professional that’s ready to stand by their work. A workmanship guarantee is a safeguard that provides you with coverage against installation errors during a repair or waterproofing job. What this means is that your contractor will remedy any issues that arise at their own cost. 

Offer Something Unique or Better Than the Competition 

In the foundation and basement repair industry, almost every contractor does something similar. You’d think they copy each other. A good contractor tries to differentiate themselves by offering something unique. It could be a quick, effective and non-intrusive way of repairing foundation cracks or use new methods or techniques. Some contractors offer incentives such as cashback rewards to homeowners who refer new customers. Even if they can’t offer a different service, they will try to offer you a new experience. So take note of who offers you a unique solution and a better experience than their competition.

Always Honest and Open 

When it comes to hiring an expert in Columbus, Ohio, honesty shouldn’t just be the best policy, but your main policy. Professional contractors use straightforward language and are honest about how long they’ll take to finish your foundation repairs or basement waterproofing. If they can’t beat a deadline, they’ll let you know. They also won’t keep you waiting for an extra month to finish their job because a technician disappeared without notice. Instead, they will keep you posted on your project and iron out issues quickly without resorting to delay tactics. 

Proven Industry Solutions 

A reputable basement contractor really knows what works and what doesn’t work with both foundation repairs and basement waterproofing. Anytime there’s a problem, they will provide a tried and tested solution and not just recommendations they think might work. We provide our customers with superior solutions that are designed to last. 

Reviews Mean Everything 

When you’re desperate to begin your home repairs, it’s easy to overlook what other homeowners are saying about contractors online. Do a quick search about the company and check their customer reviews. Do past customers praise their work ethic, workmanship, and professionalism? A reputable specialist, with five-star ratings and positive reviews, inspires confidence in any homeowner. Of course, there will be the odd negative review by a disgruntled former employee or a homeowner who had unreasonable expectations. Try to find out why one of their customers wasn’t happy. They’ll give you an honest response. 

Work With a Trusted Specialist

Who you hire for your basement waterproofing or foundation repair is just as important as the job they do. Ohio Basement Authority has over a decade of experience and can take care of your waterproofing or foundation repair project. Contact us online to schedule a free inspection and quote

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