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Sump Pump Systems in Columbus & Cincinnati Ohio

Sump pump installation & backup sump pumps in Ohio

A sump pump can be an incredibly valuable resource in your home. When water gets into your basement, the sump pump is what protects you from a flood that could cause expensive property damage. If you’ve had issues with water in your basement it’s smart to protect your home with a quality sump pump from Ohio Basement Authority.

We install several cast-iron sump pumps that provide reliable water removal in the basement. These sump pumps have been tested in the harshest conditions and passed with flying colors, and you can count on them to protect your home. Scroll down before to see some of our work showcasing sump pump installation before and after images all throughout Ohio homes.

If you’re interested in adding a sump pump to your home, click below to get started. We offer free estimates in in Columbus, Cincinnati, Springfield, Mansfield, Dayton, throughout southern Ohio and northern Kentucky.

Why sump pumps are important for Ohio Homeowners

In 2019, the state of Ohio received close to 50 inches of rain! In 2020, Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio were ranked seventh and eighth, respectively, with Columbus at 139 days and Cincy at 137 days, on the ‘Most Rainy Days‘ list – with Cleveland, Ohio ranked fourth at 155 out of 365 days a year. Cincy also made headlines with 2019 being the third wettest year ever.

With rain nearly 40% of the entire year of 2019, it’s important Ohio homeowners protect their homes from costly water damage. Below are key features on our sump pump system and battery backup systems, each designed to bring peace of mind to homeowners.

submersible sump pump

  • SafeDri Sump Pump Upgrade Will Keep a Basement Dry in Proctorville, OH
    SafeDri Sump Pump Upgrade Will Keep a Basement Dry in Proctorville, OH

    SafeDri Sump Pump Upgrade Will Keep a Basement Dry in Proctorville, OH

    After living in his house for two years, a homeowner in Proctorville, OH, was becoming concerned with the condition of the existing sump pump system.

    The system is approximately 10 years old. While nothing major was wrong with it, the homeowner noticed the metal sump pit starting to deteriorate and sediment was accumulating. The system also lacked a lid, which can allow water in the pit to evaporate back into the basement. Debris and other objects also could fall in and damage or clog the system.

    The homeowner wanted to make sure he would have a reliable system to always keep the basement dry, so he contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about us online. We upgraded the older metal system to a newer plastic-based system that will not rust or corrode. The reliable SafeDri Battery Back-up system will always work to keep the basement dry.

    Additional waterproofing solutions that were installed included an FreezeGuard attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line, new downspout conductor lines, and YardWell outlets to camouflage the ends of these lines. The open crawl space vents also were sealed with exterior vent covers.

    The owner now has peace of mind knowing these reliable installations have helped him create a safer and healthier home that he will be able to enjoy for many more years to come.

  • SafeDri Triple Sump Pump and Exterior Drainage Upgrade in Lancaster, OH
    SafeDri Triple Sump Pump and Exterior Drainage Upgrade in Lancaster, OH

    SafeDri Triple Sump Pump and Exterior Drainage Upgrade in Lancaster, OH

    While they have lived in their house for three years, homeowners in Lancaster, OH, recently began to consider how effective their existing sump pump was. They questioned if it would be able to withstand a great amount of seeping water, and they were interested in upgrading it to a newer system. They also noticed issues with their downspouts and exterior drainage.

    The owners began to research how to address these issues, and they contacted Ohio Basement Authority after finding information about our company online. They were motivated to contact us to learn more about how we could help them, and they then met with Inspector John Dean. John evaluated the condition of their existing systems, and he recommended upgrading to the “king” of sump pumps – the SafeDri Triple system.

    Foreman Jose De Jesus Tellez Ortiz and his crew then removed the older sump pump and installed the SafeDri in its place. The SafeDri, complete with three powerful pumps inside the liner and an external backup battery, will always operate to pump water out of the basement.

    Field Supervisor Adam Kuhns and his crew also updated the exterior drainage system around the home by installing new downspout conductor lines.

    The homeowners are happy to have new interior and exterior waterproofing systems that will keep their home dry.

  • Replacing an Old Sump Pump with a SafeDri System will Help Keep a Basement Dry in Pickerington, OH
    Replacing an Old Sump Pump with a SafeDri System will Help Keep a Basement Dry in Pickerington, OH

    Replacing an Old Sump Pump with a SafeDri System will Help Keep a Basement Dry in Pickerington, OH

    After living in their house for 10 years, homeowners in Pickerington, OH, started to notice problems with their basement waterproofing system. There seemed to be some issues with the sump pump and basin.

    The sump pump system in the 30-year-old house is tucked away in a small closet area in the basement. While it is essentially out of sight, the homeowners didn’t want to have to worry about problems with the sump pump affecting the rest of the basement and house. Thinking proactively, they wanted to have the system replaced to prevent any potential damage.

    After speaking to a trusted friend, the homeowners knew they could count on Ohio Basement Authority for the perfect solution. This friend was pleased with exterior drainage work we previously completed on his property, so he was eager to refer our expert inspectors and crews.

    After meeting with one of our inspectors, the homeowners were eager for one of our crews to upgrade their sump pump system. We installed the more reliable SafeDri to handle any seeping water. Along with two powerful pumps inside the liner, the SafeDri features an external backup battery. This ensures the system will continue to operate even when the power goes out. This system can pump more than 11,000 gallons of water on a new, fully-charged battery.

    The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing their basement and home will be protected by this trustworthy solution.


SafeDri™ UltraPro Triple Sump Pump System

The SafeDri™ UltraPro Triple Sump Pump System provides three levels of protection for your basement and your peace of mind. For normal functioning, the SafeDri™ Triple has a powerful, cast-iron 1/3 hp sump pump set at the lowest level. For heavy volumes of water or in case of primary pump failure, a second 1/3 hp pump will take over. In case of a power outage, our SafeDri™ battery backup sump pump, set at the highest level, will pump 11,500 gallons or more on a fully charged battery!

The 1/3 hp primary pump can discharge 2,220 gallons of water per hour at an 8-foot head. In the case of a tripped circuit, power outage, or sump failure, your SafeDri™ Triple’s Battery Backup System will kick in. A second battery can be hooked up to a single system for an even longer running time. All told, this system provides the ultimate protection for homeowners who have had issues with water in their basement.

SafeDri™ UltraPro 330 Sump Pump System

For an effective and more economical solution, consider our SafeDri™ UltraPro 330 Sump Pump System. It is engineered to help keep the basement dry and healthy for extended periods of time, even in times of heavy water intrusion. The SafeDri™ UltraPro 330 includes a powerful 1/3 horsepower cast-iron sump pump, capable of pumping 2,220 gallons of water per hour at an 8-foot head out of your basement. The SafeDri™ UltraPro 330 can also be installed with an optional SafeDri™ Battery Backup Sump Pump, which can pump out 11,500 gallons or more on a single charge!

If you have had occasional water issues but not a severe flood, the SafeDri™ UltraPro 330 may be the ideal option for your home. This complete system provides total protection, and like all of our sump pump systems, works perfectly with our drainage systems.

SafeDri™ Battery Backup System

Battery Backup

Of course, in many cases water issues in the basement are caused by severe weather that can knock out power. With that in mind, we created the SafeDri™ Battery Backup System to ensure continued protection no matter what happens. In the event of loss of power the battery backup will automatically kick in and begin removing water from your basement, preventing a flood. The SafeDri™ system can pump out in excess of 11,500 gallons of water on a fully charged battery, which is enough water to fill a small swimming pool!

The battery backup also comes with an alarm to alert you in case of power failure, sounding when the backup pump is running and silencing when power is restored. This alarm also protects you in case the main system is accidentally unplugged, which could otherwise leave your basement unprotected. The SafeDri™ can outlast generic backup pumps many times over, and an additional battery can be attached for further protection.

These key additional features will provide you with total peace of mind

Our sump pump systems include the following features:

  • Alarm: Sounds off to let you know if water has risen past the point where the pumps should have turned on.
  • SafeDri UltraPro Sump Liner: Large enough to keep your sump pump working properly without turning on and off repeatedly, but not so large that your liner goes too deep, making your sump pump wear out prematurely as it pumps out unnecessary water.
  • Airtight Sump Lid: An airtight lid keeps odors and humidity out while protecting your sump from debris from the basement floor. Rubber grommets around all pipes and wires help maintain the airtight lid and also help to keep all PVC pipes steady and quiet.
  • FreezeGuard® Discharge Line Protection: Many sump pump discharge lines are susceptible to freezing during the cold winter months. Our FreezeGuard® discharge line protector is the solution to this problem! This specifically designed grated adapter is located outside where the discharge line exits the house. If the pipe underground freezes in the winter, water can still be pumped out without the worry of backups into your basement!
    *Note: The FreezeGuard® does not come standard with our sump pump systems.

Sump pumps should always be installed with a perimeter drain system to ensure that all water is drained to the sump pit and removed from the basement.

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