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Drain Your Troubles Away With Updated Exterior Drainage Lines

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We can update your exterior drainage system to aid in keeping your home dry!

To keep draining, leaking, flooding water out of your basement, it is important to have a reliable, properly functioning sump pump system as well as gutter downspouts. The sump pump is the heart of your basement waterproofing system and what is responsible for pumping water out of your home, and gutter downspouts are to direct water away from your home.

Do you know where this water goes? Is it safely and effectively directed far away from your home’s foundation, or are clogged or above-ground pipes allowing this water to find its way inside your house?

Some drainage lines like this one are susceptible to clogging.

We at Ohio Basement Authority can update your exterior drainage system to help keep your home safe and dry.

When we install one of our trustworthy sump pump systems, we direct the drainage pipes to the home’s exterior. A simple installation that can save you headaches especially during the winter months involves adding a FreezeGuard to the exterior sump pump discharge line just outside the house. This perforated attachment allows water being pumped out of the house to continue to drain from the discharge lines even if the lines freeze or become blocked for any reason.

The remainder of the sump pump discharge line is placed in the ground to ensure safety and help protect the property’s aesthetics. Many homes have above-ground drainage – whether it’s the sump pump discharge line or downspout conductor lines – but these types of lines can be safety and tripping hazards that also diminish the curb appeal.

When we install exterior sump pump discharge lines or lines to extend the gutter downspouts, we use 3” or 4” polyethylene pipes. These thick, durable, more reliable types of piping will not split, break or crack like clay pipe. We also can easily tie sump pump discharge and downspout conductor lines together and lead them to converge into one line.

Depending on the property and any existing utility lines, we can direct these drainage lines to discharge water at street side curbs or elsewhere on the property. If the lines are directed to drain into the yard, another simple installation includes placing a YardWell outlet at the end of the line. This perforated outlet conceals the end the discharge line in the yard, prevents clogging from dirt, leaves and debris, and it blends into the grass. This durable attachment also can withstand lawnmower traffic.

Our crews run water through the drainage lines to ensure their proper operation.
The YardWell conceals the end of the discharge line in the yard.
This FreezeGuard will allow draining water to continue to escape the pipe if the pipe freezes or becomes blocked.

Before leaving your home, our crew installing these solutions will test the lines to make sure they are properly functioning in diverting water away from your home’s foundation.

If you have noticed problems with your exterior drainage system or would like a trusted opinion from one of our inspectors, contact us today to schedule a free inspection and estimate!

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