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10 Reasons Basement Waterproofing Helps You Protect Your Home

Want to waterproof your basement, but not sure there’s a need? These 10 reasons should convince you to invest in a waterproofing solution early.

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Whether you’re purchasing a new home or moving into your first real house, there’s a lot for you to keep track of. Waterproofing your basement probably isn’t high up on your list of priorities. It should be, though. When you take steps to waterproof your home, you’re not only protecting it in the present. You’re making sure your belongings – and your home’s value – remain safe over the next several years.

What can basement waterproofing do for you? The practice’s benefits include:

Keeping Water Away From Your Belongings

First and foremost, basement waterproofing protects your belongings from excess moisture. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with minor humidity or standing water. The waterproofing measures you have installed around your home will protect not only your entertainment areas if you have them but also the tools and nostalgic knickknacks you have in storage.

Limiting Your Flood Risk

Even if you haven’t had to deal with flooding yet, you may have to in the future. Want to make life easier for that future version of you? Invest in waterproofing measures earlier in your tenure as a homeowner.

Without waterproofing measures in place, your basement and foundation can begin to show signs of stress. This stress is typically the fault of hydrostatic pressure outside of your home, or the interaction of water with the concrete that supports your home. If that pressure grows to be too much, you risk turning your basement’s minor humidity into seasonal flooding.

Preventing The Formation of Mold Clusters

If there’s one thing mold loves, it’s moisture. Without waterproofing measures in place, your basement can rapidly become the most humid spot in your home. With that humidity comes a high risk for mold clusters. These clusters are more than just unsightly. Left unchecked, they can compromise the health of your home and your family. If you suspect that your basement’s becoming a breeding ground for mold, you’ll want to reach out to the professional contractors in the Columbus, OH, area ASAP.

Reducing Unpleasant Smells

A smelly basement may not seem like the biggest issue a homeowner can worry over, but the odors that develop in your basement can be more powerful than you anticipate. If you’re inviting guests over or simply trying to enjoy a day away from the world, those smells can severely diminish your quality of life.

Moisture, unfortunately, carries its own smell indoors and exacerbates the smells of rotting wood, dirt, or mold growing in your basement. When you waterproof your basement, you nip these smells in the bud.

Stopping Infestations Before They Start

What’s worse than a flooding basement? A home invasion. If water can get into your home, even in the form of moisture, so can insects and other critters. While most basement repair contractors aren’t equipped to defend your home from infestations like pest control professionals, they can help in other important ways. When you install waterproofing measures early, you’ll make it more difficult for critters to get into your home, and your home will be a less attractive environment for them.

Protecting Your Home’s Structural Integrity

As mentioned, water can be a powerful corrupting force. If you don’t waterproof your basement, the hydrostatic pressure previously mentioned can cause cracks to form not only in your basement but in your foundation as well. Water can find its way inside these cracks, and walls can start to bow inward and threaten your home’s safety.

Leveling Your Floors

Speaking of damage: If you think basement cracks are bad, the power water has over your floor will really surprise you. Excessive moisture can cause your concrete floors to warp. Without waterproofing measures in place, your basement floor may rapidly turn into an unwanted skate park full of hills and valleys.

Retaining Your Home’s Original (Or Growing) Value

If you plan on eventually selling the home you’re living in, you’re going to want to take steps to ensure its value over time. A home with a leaking basement is not one that’s going to do well on the market, unfortunately. The good news is that waterproofing your home can help you not only maintain your home’s value but boost it.

Avoiding Unwieldy Insurance Claims

Do you have homeowner’s insurance? Then you’re in luck. You can submit claims to your provider should your basement start to leak. Unfortunately, most insurance providers will contest your claim, especially if the leak in question hasn’t been caused by an appliance in your home.

While these claims can serve you well, it’s often best to avoid them altogether. What better way to save on stress than to waterproof your home before your basement can spring a leak?

Lowering Your Bills

Finally, the waterproofing measures you have installed in and around your basement can lower the vast majority of your bills. How so?

When water gets into your basement, it’s more difficult for your temperature control appliances to maintain the temperature in your home. As such, they will work harder, and your bill will be higher. Similarly, excessive moisture can compromise the structural integrity of your pipes, leading to internal leaks and a higher water bill.

If you’re looking to save money, waterproofing measures around your basement can help you do just that.

Are you ready to invest in waterproofing solutions for your basement? Reach out to the professional basement repair contractors working in Columbus, OH, today for an inspection and free quote on potential services.

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