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Foundation Damage and Infestations: What Can Foundation Repair Contractors Do?

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Dealing with foundation damage in Cincinnati, OH, is a challenge all on its own. What do you do, though, when the cracks in your foundation start to let Ohio’s critters indoors? Will the foundation repair contractor you hired be able to help you retake your home?

Why Does Foundation Damage Lead to Infestations?

There’s no one reason cracks start to form in your foundation. More often than not, several singular events will put enough strain on your foundation that it’ll eventually buckle under the weight. It’s when those first cracks form, though, that the potential for more arises – and the risk of an infestation escalates.

Animals and insects alike see foundation damage as a doorway into your home. If they’re looking to escape the Cincinnati, OH, cold, where else would they go except into your warm walls and basement?

Can Your Foundation Repair Contractor Get Rid of Your Infestation?

If foundation damage so often leads to an infestation, can the contractor you hire to fix the cracks in your foundation get rid of your infestation for you?

The short answer is no. Foundation repair contractors have to receive specific licenses and certifications to repair and waterproof your home. These documents may have stipulations regarding infestations, depending on the state you’re living in, but more often than not they do not cover animal or insect control.

If you think you have an infestation on your hands, you’ll have much better luck getting rid of your unwelcome guests when you reach out to an exterminator.

Infestation Signs to Look Out For

The signs that give away a crack in your foundation can also help you determine whether or not you have an infestation on your hands. That said, there are also signs that are specific to infestations that you’ll want to keep an eye out for if you suspect something’s gone wrong.

These signs include:

  • More insects than normal – Your home doesn’t have an infinite amount of space in which insects can live. If you’re seeing more ladybugs, stink bugs or spiders in open spaces, you may want to check and see if they’re making a home of your foundation.
  • Movement in your walls – Little is scarier than waking up in the middle of the night with something crawling in your walls. Don’t be too afraid, though. If you hear rattling in the walls, it’s far more likely that you’re dealing with mice than it is that your house is haunted.
  • Unusual amounts of unidentifiable debris – As animals and insects make your home their home, they’ll start to remodel. This means you may find piles of sawdust, nesting materials, replaced insulation and droppings throughout your home.
  • Peeling paint – Excess dampness in your home, as brought on by a leak, will cause the paint nearest to the leak to start to peel. Partner that dampness with the presence of an animal that comes and goes or a flight of insects, and you’ll quickly have a visual sign that your house is no longer your own.
  • Weakened floors – Termites work fast, and even non-wood-loving critters will try to carve out space for themselves wherever they can in your home. If your floor is squeaking more than normal or bowing in unsafe ways, reach out to an exterminator as soon as possible.
  • Open containers in the kitchen – One of the reasons animals and insects love coming into human homes so often is the sheer availability of food. If you notice that some of your bags in the pantry have new holes, or that the kitchen’s a mess when you wake up, don’t blame your kids. If this kind of behavior is partnered with some of the other signs mentioned here, you’ll have unwelcome guests to blame.
  • Disrupted trash – Similarly, if animals and insects can’t get into your pantry, they’ll often happily help themselves to your trash.

Foundation leaks on their own are stressful to deal with, especially if you’ve never had to reach out to a foundation repair contractor before. Partner a leak or damage with an infestation and you may feel as though you’re losing control of your home.

Don’t feel as though you have to tackle these challenges on your own. While a foundation repair contractor won’t be able to get rid of your infestation for you, a well-connected one may be able to put you in touch with an exterminator who can help you for a discounted rate.

Ready to bid your unwelcome guests adieu? Reach out to a local contractor, exterminator and animal control today for free quotes on their services.

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