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Sealing Foundations: How Important Is It & What Are The Real Benefits?

Is sealing your foundation a smart move? What are the advantages of a waterproofed foundation and how urgent is it?

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Whether you already have water issues in your basement or crawl space or not, sealing foundations, also known as foundation waterproofing, can be a smart move. There are many benefits of going beyond basic damp proofing to protect and improve your home in Columbus, OH. Here are just 10 of them.

Learn more on how foundation sealing also known as foundation waterproofing can help protect your greatest investment.

There are various methods of sealing foundations and waterproofing basement and crawl spaces. It is always wise to get it professionally inspected and ask for custom quotes and options before you decide which solutions are right for you. However you keep the water out, these are some of the advantages you can’t afford to miss out on.

1. Keep The Dampness Out

Dampness may not seem to be shocking to have in a basement or crawl space. Though that doesn’t mean you should just live with it. The moisture created from dampness in these spaces can impact the rest of your home, with some pretty serious and unpleasant circumstances. Besides, do you really want guests to talk about your home as being damp and outdated?

2. Add To Your Home’s Resale Value

There are a lot of damp and water-related problems that can flat out prevent you from selling your home. They can at least make it far more challenging, a much longer process and one which ends up seeing your home sell for a lot less.

Even if you haven’t encountered these symptoms yet, showing potential home buyers and their real estate agents that you’ve invested in sealing your foundation can be a huge selling point. If you’ve made the effort to take care of this part of the home, which most skimp on and just pass off to the next owner, they know you’ve taken great care of it. They know you really paid attention to the details, and they probably don’t have to worry about hidden defects or you covering up toxic mold and rot. It makes for a much faster buying decision and the likelihood you’ll attract more offers and be able to sell your home for more. Plus, you’ll have much less risk of a buyer coming back to complain after the sale. 

3. Get Rid Of Odors

Whether an active leak with standing water or just dampness, sealing foundations can do wonders for keeping those nasty odors out of your home. Most of the air you breathe is actually coming from underneath your home. Whatever is lurking under your floors is what you are inhaling and putting in your body every day and all night.

4. Protect Your Foundation Walls and Slab

Water seeping or pouring into your basement or crawl space can be incredibly destructive. Think about it. Water is one of the most powerful forces of nature. With time it can easily cut through rock and knock down buildings. Condensation, leaks, and standing water can quickly create substantial cracks in your slab and foundation walls. A couple of seasons for freezing and thawing and baking in the summer can really do some damage. If your foundation falls, everything above it will come down with it. Foundation waterproofing is before spring rains could help save a lot of money in the long run. 

5. Stop Cracks In Your Above Ground Walls

Foundation problems will quickly show up in the rest of your home. This often exhibits itself as cracks in your interior and exterior walls. Floors may sink away from the trim. Doors will stick as the doors and frames become warped. Ceilings, windows, chimneys, and just about everything else is at risk unless you get to the root of the problem below.

6. Prevent Mold and Rot

Damp and wet crawl spaces and basements create mold and rot. They will literally eat your home from the inside out. Supporting beams and floors can rot away. Toxic mold can grow inside your walls and under floors, all creating major medical concerns.

7. Reduce Pests’ Interest in Your Home:

Damp spaces are the favorite living and breeding spaces of a wide variety of rodents and insects. From rats to cockroaches and termites, sealing your foundation is a great step to creating an unattractive environment for pests and making it more difficult for them to get inside your home.

8. Maintain A Usable Basement Or Cellar Space

Water intrusion is robbing you of some of the most valuable square footage in your home. A dry space can allow you or the next owner of this home to enjoy a wine cellar, man cave, home gym or office, extra living room, home theater, or just usable storage. Don’t waste it.

9. Utility Bills

Wet basements can add double digits to your utility bills each month. Sealing foundations now can offer energy savings for years.

10. Preserve Your Interior 

Water intrusion and dampness will wreck everything you’ve invested in your home. From drywall to flooring to cabinets, waterproofing can save a lot of pain and money.

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